Your next outfit according to your stars: Zodiac Fashion

Have you ever wondered why you always buy the same pieces of clothing? Or why you are so obsessed with hats or white button downs? Whether you are a die-hard believer who checks horoscope daily, or the one who giggles over astrology conversations, there are often traits that align with our signs that seem to be undeniably accurate. It’s time to explore your zodiac fashion and make yourself look stunning and happy every day. Check out what all you need to add to your wardrobe according to your zodiac.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

Setting a signature style is your way and you keep refreshing it with changing trends. You are master of creating a seamless look that takes you from desk to date and from date to a weekend out with a friend. You’re the chameleon of the fashion world! You want all fresh arrivals and dramatic tones in your wardrobe. You always keep it creative and cool.

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The key to master Aries look is mix and match.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

The Taurus girl likes to reflect her practicality in her style. Try out the sheer trend, but keep it refined with a longer, high-neck silhouette. Classic pieces in neutral tones and interesting textures is your style.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

The ever-curious Gemini is experimental when it comes to fashion. Gemini girls like to wear an eclectic assortment of garments. Mix prints and colours in tailored silhouettes for a fun yet elegant look.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

You choose clothes in classic shapes and styles but continually reinvent your look by wearing them with statement pieces from your vast collection of accessories. Bring back the denim mini this summer by pairing it with a tank and ankle booties.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

A Leo will wear something you’ve never seen before, but she will style it in a fun yet subtle manner. You love designer clothes and have a very sophisticated taste.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

The fashion sense of a Virgo is classic, practical, and modest. Add a little flair with a ruffle or off-the-shoulder style instead of reaching for traditional shirting.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

The style of a Libra incorporates high and low fashion, bold and soft colours, and sexy and modest silhouettes. Layer with the classics, like a leather or denim jacket.



The Scorpio is decisive in her style she likes what she likes. Go for that ever-trendy ’90s style with a simple slip dress and ankle booties.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

The Sagittarius is the ultimate traveller, always seeking her next adventure or destination. Sagittarius girls typically sport a boho style. Add a pair of whimsical heels to an elevated athleisure look.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

The Capricorn girl is known for her seriousness. Capricorns are known for sophistication and class in their looks. Go for a long-line coat in a bright colour to top off your jeans and T-shirt look.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

From vintage shops to small, unknown brands, these people search for pieces that are both beautiful and different. Aquarius, play to their quirky nature with deconstructed power suits.



Zodiac Fashion _ Style Gods

You prefer soft fabrics, such as silk, chiffon and velvet, and glamorous evening looks that filled with lace. High heels may be your first and one true love. You adore heels in all styles, even if you don’t wear them that often.

Fashion has to reflect who you are. 😛

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