Zodiac Bridal Wear: Choose a style that matches your celestial personality

When it comes to your wedding ensemble, it’s hard to make up your mind. Marriage is considered one of the most auspicious occasions in India. Most of the Indian couples tie the wedding knot after much scrutiny and horoscope matching. As it’s one of those days where you want nothing to go wrong when it comes to the wedding. Checking your compatibility with your life partner is just level one. The next step is checking which designer matches your Zodiac Bridal Wear.



The Aries bride is bold and is not one to shy away from the latest trends. But still, they want to wear the traditional red. And trust me your choice of choosing red will be the best choice, it’s a fiery version for sure.



The Taurus bride is all about subtle elegance. You prefer soft, pastel shades of pink, blue or green accessorised with light jewellery. Taureans prioritise consistency and reliability in all areas of their lives.



Thanks to their dual personalities, Geminis bring the energy of two contrasting personalities to the table. Their eagerness to explore new things always has them on top of new trends. Orange, yellow ensemble suit their playful personality.



The proud lion who always loves to be the centre of attention, naturally a Leo bride would expect no less on her big day. Leos love to make an entry; they enjoy being admired and have a taste for the finer things in life. Bling and zari work are your style.



Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer’s tenacious personality is one that cares about those around her. The best colours for the Cancerian brides are blue, white and light green.



Virgo brides like things that are feminine, but simple too. You love the finer things that make a dress feel unique. You can also choose your bridal dress in light blue or green colour.



The Libra bride is very fashion conscious. You know you want to make a statement on your wedding day. The colours for you are turquoise, all shades of blue and ivory.



Incredibly passionate, the intuitive water sign is strong and powerful. You are extremely emotional and very secretive. Red, blue and purple are your colours to choose.



The ever-optimistic Sagittarius has a great sense of humour. Her curiosity and energy makes her one of the biggest travellers of the Zodiac. The best colour to wear on your wedding day is pink, light purple and yellow.



They are very traditional as far as values of life are considered. They are also masters of self-control and responsibilities. Shades of grey and blue are just perfect choice for your wedding day.



The Aquarius bride is extremely independent, slightly quirky and very fashion-forward. You can wear brown, grey, violets and dark blue colour on your wedding day.



The Pisces bride would not want to outshine her life partner on their special day, but rather complement them. The colour to match your personality is yellow.

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