We’ve compiled some great festival fashion tips to ensure you look great at your music trip away from the big bad world.

#1 Comfort Should Come First

Make sure you have tried the outfit on well ahead of the date. When it comes to all the festival fashion rules this is the one to follow. When you end up spending 8 hours or more running from one stage to the next in either really cold or hot conditions, your comfort should always come first. This will mean no high/ heels unless want to wear a sturdy-boot variety. Body-con thigh-hugging dresses and pencil skirts are also a no-no. You need to choose something that you can stand and walk in for many hours at a time.

It is also important to think about whether it is going to be cold or hot. Jeans might seem like a comfortable option, but when the temperature rises to 30 degrees or more and you are exposed to the sun, you will probably end up regretting wearing them. At the same time, you won’t feel comfortable in a little tank top when it is really cold.

Once you have chosen a winning combination, whether it’s a grungy band t-shirt or a lacey bralette, always make sure you try everything on together. This will ensure you feel comfortable about your choice in an outfit.

#2 Dress For The Weather

You have to double or triple check on weather reports before deciding on an outfit for a festival. You won’t want to wear a stunning pair of sandals with delicate straps only to have your shoes ruined by mud or the rain. Check whether it will be raining or a sunny day, and ensure that you have chosen appropriate clothing and footwear. It is also important to bring along a jacket, especially if the weather is going to change.

Besides a rock-star leather jacket or a faux-fur jacket, will add to your overall look. Never underestimate how a jacket or coat can transform your look.


#3 Think About Layers

Many festivals start when it is warm and hot and then finish much later at night, which is when the temperature starts to drop. Layers are important to ensure you feel comfortable regardless of the temperature.

Tie a jacket or shirt around your neck or hips during the day, so that you have something warm when the temperature starts to drop. Jackets around the hips is a trend that has returned, and this will add to how your outfit looks.

You can also pack a wrap or scarf into your bag which will provide you with some warmth once it starts to get colder. You can also layer 1 or 2 singlets under a top, making it easy to take one layer off at a time if you start getting hot.

Fashionable friends at the music festival

#4 Choose One Style And Stay With It

This rule is important when deciding on an outfit. There are distinctive festival styles such as rock-chic or boho that you should avoid mixing together.


Even though you would like to wear a garland in your hair with your favorite Metallic band t-shirt, this just won’t go together. If you prefer your boho accessories make sure the rest of the outfit complements these pieces.

That said, whatever style you choose you should take plenty of fun accessories, swords, wands, bubble guns, find your light up toy here.

#5 Boots Are The Safest Bet

Boots are something that goes with just about everything. Think about band tees, jeans, boho playsuits, floral dresses, and more. They definitely add style to just about any outfit.

At the same time, boots are enclosed which will protect your feet when you step into the mosh pit. They will also save your feet from the mud should it start raining.

#6 Try Going Make-Up Free

Festivals are often very sweaty and long days, that doesn’t go well with makeup. Sure you may look fantastic when you leave home, but a few hours in the sun and your makeup will start to run, smudge, or fade. Oil is one of the best makeup removers so as soon as your face starts to get oily, it will start to smudge your makeup or make it appear cakey and patchy.

If you cannot leave the house with no makeup on, forget about your contour and foundation and rather just apply a bit of eye makeup. And if you feel you need coverage, go for one of the lighter coverage BB creams. You may feel a bit exposed, but you will also feel far more comfortable than you would with layers of running or smudged foundation. You will also look a whole lot better too.

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