We are into December, and the temperature has started dropping with each passing day. Since the winter breeze is blowing all around, making us feel chill and numb, it is time to invest in thermal wear for men and women. These winter essentials help beat the brutal winter by giving you added warmth and comfort.

So, you have just begun to upgrade your winter closet but have not added the much-needed thermals to it yet. Here is your go-to guide to wearing the right thermals for men and women. But before diving in, let us know what thermal inners are.

About thermal wear for men

A thermal is a body warmer worn by men and women to keep the body warm and dry during winter. This piece of apparel provides insulation and soaks up perspiration. Moisture formation during winter causes a drop in the body temperature, making it prone to viruses. That is where thermal wear helps. It absorbs moisture and traps heat from the body, keeping it warm and toasty. The best thing is it is lightweight and sleek enough to be worn under any outfit you love. Whether you are a man or woman, you may wear thermal inners for warmth and comfort.

When to wear body warmers?

Thermals are preferably worn by men and women during winter. Also, you may wear them whenever you feel cold due to weather conditions or room temperature. Lightweight thermals are suitable for transition from indoors to outdoors. Medium and heavyweight thermals are ideal when the weather is chilly. Men who work outdoors or have a long walking commute to their office may opt for thermal wear for men. The market also offers a range of thermals for women. You may pick a few pairs based on the weather to keep you warm and comfortable.

Can we wear underwear with thermal inners?

Yes, you can! Thermals are not meant to replace undergarments. You may wear them over undergarments like bras, panties, and underwear.

What is the right fit?

Whether you are looking for thermal wear for men or women, a snug fit is the best for everyone. If the thermal is too loose or tight, it can cause a lot of discomfort. A snug-fit thermal will enhance your movement, not make you look bulky, and keep you warm and comfortable, no matter wherever you go or whatever you do.

Layer up

You may wear thermal inners underneath various outfits. For added warmth, consider layering them under cotton sweaters, full-sleeve sweatshirts, or plus-size flannel shirts. However, if you still feel cold, wear a basic tank top underneath to protect your body and stay warm.

Can we wear thermals with pants?

Many people complain wearing thermal inners underneath pants makes them look heavy and bulky. But, advancement in fabric technology has introduced us to a thinner, warmer, and more comfortable range of thermals that we may choose to wear underpants. And you need not purchase plus-size pants for the winter season. Pick a lightweight pair and pull it up above the natural waistline of your pants for maximum comfort without looking hefty. Also, you may put socks on to cover the gap between your feet and your thermals. The result will be added warmth and comfort.

What fabrics to choose for thermal wear?

Thermal wear comes in many fabrics, including synthetic, woollen, cotton, and super combed cotton-rich fabric. The fabric determines the level of comfort and warmth. When choosing a pair of body warmer, make sure it is soft and skin-friendly and does not make you feel bulky. Also, wear ones that provide label-free comfort.