Justine Marjan is a celebrity hair stylist with top tier clientele like Ariana Grande, Ashley Graham and the Kardashian. She is also the person who put blingy barrettes back on the map. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, head to your Instagram explore. The huge, blinged out hair clips you see trending everywhere, those are barrettes. And Justine is responsible for it blowing up. However, we’re not mad. As long as it’s not another crazy brow trend, we approve.

Justine Marjan has a collection of those barrettes with Kitsch – the kind you saw on Ashley Graham at the MET. (Anyone else see Aubrey Plaza’s spicy knife barrette? Somebody get me!) If one thing is obvious, these bedazzled hair clips are here to stay. And the great news? The Kitsch x Justine Marjan set of clips will be available to shop at Sephora.

Aubrey Plaza
Source: Teen Vogue/Getty Images

The barrettes in this collection are hematite crystal accessories in collaboration with the brand. “I was so shocked by how many people were using it,” she says to Bazaar. The line features bedazzled clips with words like ‘bo$$’, ‘DAMN’, ‘DRIPPIN’ – basically your personal healthy narcissistic aesthetic.

Other items include your basic snap clips – but they’re not so basic, because they’re embellished too. Furthermore, if you’re about the blingy instagrammable life, but want a little more sophistication, the Kitsch x Justine Marjan line also has bobby pins.

Kitsch x Justine Marjan
Source: Brand

Soeaking to Allure, Justine says, “Everyone asks me how you do placement and honestly, do what you want! This is meant to be fun. Don’t stress about getting it in the right spot.”

Too lazy to style your hair? Just pop in a couple of pins and express how you feel that day. Her tips include: To keep your hair from snagging, hold it flat where you want the clip to go and slide it in right above your hand. You can also spray the clip with a little hair spray to keep it from slipping.

The Kitsch x Justine Marjan barrette line is available online on Sephora US. It will hit stores soon, too. Get Instagram creative in under less than $30!

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