It’s the start of the month, and if you’ve already received your paycheck, you better hand that sh*t to Auntie Pat. That’s right, Pat MGrath has just launched their Mothership VI: Midnight Sun palette, and you know you want it. I honestly wouldn’t mind having my salary deposited directly to these major beauty brands, because they’re taking it away from me eventually anyway.


Similar to other Pat McGrath Mothership palettes, this one also has 10 shadow pans with a mix of metallics, mattes and glitters. The brand says all the shades are new to the McGrath line. Furthermore, the formula is “perfectly blended between pigments and emollients to make them some of the creamiest and most high-impact on the market.”


Ten richly pigmented shades and seven next-generation formulas highlight, line and define the eyes for endless luxury and unlimited looks. Elevate your artistry with captivating coppers, bold bronzes, covetable crimsons, glowing golds and venomous violets. Additionally, mix and layer to create multidimensional effects. Each hue releases infinitely smooth and blendable pigments with uninhibited buildability.

Pat McGrath Midnight Sun Mothership Palette
Source: Brand
  • Skinshow Moon Glow – Luminous Platinum  Peach
  • Bronze Eclipse – Bronzed Taupe Sheen
  • Vermillion Venom – Burnished Crimson Matte
  • Xtreme Dusk – Charcoal Brown Matte
  • Taboo – Brown Ochre Matte
  • Wicked Envy – Shimmering Moss Green
  • Blitz Violet Orchid – Sparkling Periwinkle Violet
  • Jubilee – Antiqued Glittering Gold
  • Astral Solstice – Glittering Platinum
  • Blood Moon 005 – Metallic Copper Rose
Pat McGrath Midnight Sun Mothership Palette
Source: Brand

According to the brand’s website, Midnight Sun includes rice brand and honey extracts. These ingredients provide antioxidant properties, soothe the skin and support a look of radiance. (Boujee much?)

The Mothership VI palette is a stunning work of art, with a price to match. $125. That’s right, $12.50 per shadow, but it’s Pat McGrath, not ColourPop. With great art comes greater prices. Shop it here. And additionally, while you’re there, check out Auntie Pat’s take on complexion, with her Sublime Perfection range! (The tags on those are similarly pricey, but you already knew that, didn’t you?)