Hello Ladies,
As relatively active women, we face a certain dilemma as summer days slowly creep into a massive thick of sweltering heat. What do you do when it’s getting too freaking hot to exercise outside? We can either bear the heat and sweat our butts off  for as long as we can stand it, or we can give up altogether. Not so fast. With all the latest developments in activewear fabric technology, there are now better and cuter clothing options for working out under the most sweat-inducing circumstances
We have officially entered the age of “Athleisure” clothing, activewear that’s not actually worn for sweaty workouts. Yes, women aren’t always buying these clothes with the intention of hitting the treadmill or yoga mat. They’re often wearing them because they’re comfortable, attractive and make them feel good about themselves. 
So, today I’ll be sharing few trendy picks which would help you getting rid of all discomfort you face while shredding your weight and keeping your body fit.


Price : Rs. 1049



Price : Rs. 909



Price : Rs. 549



Price : Rs. 689



Price : Rs. 629



Price : Rs. 1259



Price : Rs. 759



Price : Rs. 1399



Price : Rs. 1049



Price : Rs. 1049



Price : Rs. 1539



Price : Rs. 1259



Price : Rs. 1399



Price : Rs. 1679


Hope you’ll like these amazing outfits. So, grab these gym wears and look fabulous as its always good to be a lady in the street but a freak in the gym!

Buy any of the above just by clicking on the product picture. 

Stay tuned and stay updated.

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