Wild, Wild, Wild Thoughts – Tutorial Tuesday With Rihanna

Queen RiH is back on YouTube again, and this week she’s teaching us how to recreate her “Wild Thoughts” makeup look – with sultry, shimmery eyes and a red lip. Of-course there’s no denying how stunning she looks, and I am severely obsessed with the bunch of necklaces with emerald green elements – they look so cool! Although I will definitely look like a gang$ta (not a good one, I’m afraid) if I were to even try to carry it off, but Rihanna rocks the look. Cuz hey, after all, she IS Rihanna, the woman who can walk on grates wearing stilettos.


Anyhoo, back to what’s important. After a bunch of fumbles, and multiple retakes, Rihanna starts off her look by using the Moroccan Spice Palette from her collection and applying ‘Evil Genie’, a sapphire blue shimmery shade, over a previously applied ‘Cumin Get It’. She uses the All-Over Eyeshadow Brush from her collection for application and talks about why she loves the brush – the fact that you can use the flat end to apply shadow all over and the top edge for packing colour in the crease.

Moroccan Spice Palette
All-Over Eyeshadow Brush

She then grabs ‘Soug It 2 Me’ and packs it onto the outer corner, blending it into the crease for added depth, and also applies it on the outer corner of her lower lashline. She goes into ‘Evil Genie’ again and adds it to the inner corner of her lower lashline, blending it out, and gets ‘lost in the therapy of blending’.

Rihanna also adds a little more warmth with ‘Cumin Get It’ and talks about how she loves the juxtaposition of warmth with colour. Grabbing the Killawatt highlighter in Hu$tla Baby/Mean Money, she pops in her inner corner highlight, and underneath her brow bone.

Hu$tla Baby/Mean Money

Using Uncensored from her Stunna Lip Paint collection, she glides it onto her lips, starting from the centre and working her way outwards. She also gushes over her lip paints, talking about how it doesn’t end up looking crusty and always has a sheen no matter how long you’ve worn it, rendering it always kissable. (which is her favourite part about Stunna)

stunna 2

After a few more BTS footage, Rihanna bids us goodbye (until next week!), and asks everybody to follow her on Fenty Beauty’s Instagram. So go on – what are you waiting for?

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