Wondering why your parents buy girls pink dress and boys blue. Now it’s the time to break this pink and blue myth. Go out and explore the joy of all the colours because they reflect your persona.

Pink is not to be all associated with a girl’s first preference because we love other colours too. So, come and let’s explore the playful colours this summer, which is a must have for every girl and are the trend setter this summer.Picture3Wearing butter cup colour is a pure indication of happiness and cheerfulness and is a resemblance of the sunny side of the summer. It’s said to be an energizing colour.



Rich fiesta colour exhibits the excitement within you and shows your free-spirited nature.




Green Flash colour is something that would turn heads due to its uniqueness and it also shows your openness towards anything. 



Picture6Lilac Grey is a neutral colour yet it shows the soft and subtle side of this summer. It has an edge over other colours this season.




Peach echo is very warm, friendly and accessible colour that can be your pick this season.




Wearing Serenity colour is an indication of relaxation and above all colours its the most calming one, so preferably on the top list this season.


So girls, never get confined to a specific colour, be it pink or any other. Experiment with the beauty of all colours and wear what’s in vogue to keep yourself ever stylish.

Stay beautiful!

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