With a lot of powder present underneath her eyes (baking),Mario works his magic on his muse, Kim Kardashian West. The makeup guru has been Kim’s right hand man for years now. And he’s just created Kim’s favourite smokey eye using her new Glam Bible. Watch the video below to get a hint of how he gets the look. And in case you miss something out, there’s a step by step further.

Kim’s base has already been done. Mario grabs the eye shadow palette from the glam bible, and goes on as follows

  • Pat Risque onto center of lid.
  • Apply Exotic to outer corners and build it up.
  • Blend with a clean brush. Make sure there’s no harsh lines.
  • With smaller brush, apply Exotic to inner corner.
  • Line upper lash line with eyeliner in Black.
  • Blend liner up and out with small brush.
  • Line waterline and along lash line on outer corners.
  • Blend liner.
  • Apply Exotic over the black eyeliner.
  • Smoke outer corners with Antique.
  • Firstly, highlight inner corners with Femme.
  • Additionally, highlight brow bone with Femme.
  • Pat Dark onto outer corners.
  • Blend with clean brush.
  • Pat Femme onto center of lid.
  • Wipe off baking powder.

After that, Mario uses the black mascara from the Glam Bible and applies to the lashes. Then, he applies the lashes contained in the Glam Bible.“I actually love this design of lash. It’s very wispy, and very natural looking.” The inspiration behind the lashes were previous looks that the duo did together.

Once lashes dry, further apply a second layer of mascara to marry the natural and false lashes together.

Using the “pinky peach” blush from the Glam Bible, Luxe, Mario dusts it onto the apples of Kim’s cheeks. In addition, he also works a small amount of the blush into the eye creases.

Mario then highlights Kim’s cheekbones, nose and Cupid’s bow with the Glitz and Glam Highlighter. (Also in the Glam Bible) Similarly, he also applies it to Kim’s shoulders. “Nothing like a blingy shoulder.” Touché.

Last step – Lips! Line the lips using the Classic Icon Liner. Apply the Classic Icon 1 lipstick to the center of the lips. Moreover, bring the whole look together by topping off with the Lust Gloss.

In conclusion, “Smokey Perfection!”

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