Nykaa is pretty darned serious about their Wanderlust series for the Bath and Body collections. The last time I wrote about them, the hero was the Sicilian Sweet Pea. This time, it’s about  diving head first into the country, and sniffing their precious petals, aka country rose. And I’ll admit, although I’m not a BIG fan of roses (or flowers in general – I like my flowers where they belong – in the garden!), this is something that I REALLY want to smell. Just to get an idea of how powerful the scent is.


Similar to all the previous wanderlust collections, this one also comes with an array of products. Basically if you’re looking for a cohesive bath and body collection, which isn’t too pricey, Nykaa is probably your best bet. (We all know how insanely pricey Bath & Body Works is lol. Homegirl feels broke after purchasing ONE candle!)

Source: Brand/Facebook

The Country Rose line includes –

  • Shower Gel: Contain the delightful fragrance of rose that lathers perfectly giving you the ultimate bathing experience. It is enriched with Aloe Vera that nourishes your skin.
  • Body Lotion: Lotus and watermelon seed extracts help the skin retain its natural moisture. Moreover, the rosy fragrance makes it smell like a dream
  • Gel Body Scrub: Buff away dead skin while moisturizing it at the same time. Aloe Vera wakes your skin up.
  • Body Butter: Shea and cocoa butter, deeply moisturize the skin making it soft and supple. The fragrance of rose is relaxing and restorative that leaves you filled with love all day.
  • Body Milk: Drench your skin with comforting moisture. The addition of Green Tea leaf extract and FCO, help repair skin and protect it from harmful UV rays. Likewise, it has an enchanting fragrance of rose which uplifts your mood instantly.
  • Fragrance Body Mist: Go on and smell like a rose patch, what else?

The Wanderlust Country Rose collection is live on Nykaa.com. And it’s pretty affordable. So if you’re up for smelling like what I believe Aurora (Cinderella) would, go ahead and snag these babes here.

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