The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (VSFS) is always a star studded event – literally. Other than being lucky enough to walk the runway, every model’s dream is to be chosen to werk the brand’s elaborate and stunning Fantasy Bras. And this year’s Atelier Swarovski-designed fantasy bra, worth $1M, is no less jaw dropping than it’s predecessors. According to a press release, it has over 2,100 jewels, took over 930 hours to make, and is more than 71 carats. That’s a LOT of sparkle. And the lucky angel who will be flaunting it? The stunning Elsa Hosk.

Elsa Hosk – VSFS 2017


In a video with Vogue, Elsa is seen showing off the bra while casually letting us in on how she achieves her ultimate VS angel makeup look.


The blonde haired beauty starts off with eye drops, to wake up her eyes. She says that her eyes are always red, owing lack of sleep and her 2 babies – her cats. And applies a dash of lip balm to moisturize her lips. Elsa states that as an angel, you NEED really long and thick lashes, and to serve that purpose, eyelash curlers are your best friend. The Angel confesses that prior to receiving her wings, she hardly ever wore makeup, but later on realized that a little makeup goes a long way. She says, “I’m kind of all about the natural look anyway, and then for shoots, I think it’s really fun to like, push it.



The blue-eyed beauty then grabs the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, and uses 2 different shades for concealing, and slightly contouring. “It might not seem that I know what I’m doing, but I kinda do”, she laughs. She uses a sponge to blend the concealer in, and also admits that her skin isn’t flawless and that she struggled with bad skin. (kinda makes me feel better about myself) She also eats healthy (avoiding dairy) before any major shoot and is regular with her skin care. “I really believe it’s what you eat, and what you put from the inside that really shows up on your skin”.


Elsa says that she is OBSESSED with highlighter. “Enough is NEVER enough! You just go for it! Maybe it’s crazy, but I love it.” She applies the shimmer on her collarbone to accentuate the bra and says that she loves the overall sparkly look. The model then does her contour using the Benefit Hoola Lite, rubbing it under her cheekbones to give dimension, and under her lips to make them look pouty.


Elsa then puts on a little bit of blush, sweeping it on the apples of her cheeks and across her nose for the “sun-kissed” look. She then grabs two products – Charlotte Tilbury’s Luxury Palette in ‘The Sophisticate’ and Pat McGrath Labs’ Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio and gives her eyes dimension and shine. “I really love sparkle and shine”, she says. She also drops her quick tip: Taking a shimmer shadow with your finger and pressing it on your lid for the extra oomph. “You just go ape shit”, she laughs. “That’s like, a really good word for putting makeup on.”



Elsa does her brows using her Shiseido Brow Pencil and says that eyebrows totally change your face, and amp up the way you look. She applies eyeliner using Stila’s Micro Tip Stay All Day liner, and says that she always strives for a thin line, and “if I mess up, I just go thicker.” (same, Elz, same) And ofcourse, using her brand’s mascara, does her lashes. “Who doesn’t want major lashes?” Her final touches include lipliner and lipstick. She says she chooses either to focus on her eyes or her lips, otherwise it gets too much on her face.

The buyer’s edition of the fantasy bra


Elsa Hosk walked the Victoria’s Secret Runway this year, and flaunted the priceless (actually pretty pricey lol) Fantasy Bra. The “affordable” version of the bra will be available in stores and online on November 29th. It will retail for $250 and has Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds.




Source: Pinterest

(and here’s to hoping that we witness a recreation of this iconic VSFS 2014 show) Congratulations, Elsa!

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