When you have oily or combination skin, or just dull skin in general, you want the glow without the shine. Some of us tend to skip moisturizer all the same, which is a HUGE no! When you don’t hydrate your skin, your sebaceous glands try to make up for the dryness – making your skin more oily.

I’ve raved about the GlamGlow oil, and their highlighter, but this time, I’m raving about their Volcasmic Glow Matte Moisturizer.

glamglow moisturizer
Credit: GlamGlow

VOLCASMIC Matte Glow Moisturizer is a lightweight pressed water balm that instantly hydrates skin and absorbs oil for a matte glow. Featuring volcanic minerals and Prickly Pear, Cherry Tomato Leaf, Winter Daphne Flora to help to nourish skin.

Always sexy, never shiny.

We love it for
✔ Dryness
✔ Dullness

Key Benefits

HYDRATE. Leaves skin deeply moisturized.

MATTIFY. Controls shine.

SMOOTH. Perfectly primes your complexion.



I used the Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer from a sample that I received from Nykaa. And I was hooked since the first try!

The moisturizer is a balm that instantly melts into your skin on application. When I applied it, it definitely looked a little greasy. But when I walked over into my room and to the next mirror, ie in less than 2 minutes, it looked like I just had applied a pore minimizing primer!


Source: giphy

The Volcasmic moisturizer is proof that you can get the benefits of a moisturizer sans the shine. Hello, matte perfection! And it smells absolutely yummy!

I fully intend to get a full sized jar of this babe. Good work, GlamGlow. You sure know what you’re doing.

If I’ve convinced you to bag this baby, shop it here.

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