Viseart is a brand that holds a special place in every makeup artists’ kit. The brand delivers beautifully pigmented eyeshadow palettes, which can be blended seamlessly into perfection. But alas, with great products come greater prices. So, in order to be accessible to everyone, Viseart came out with 2 travel friendly eye shadow palettes. And as you can tell, they’re smaller versions of their OG palettes, and we’re not complaining.


Enjoy the bold color payoff and seamless application of Viseart’s signature eye shadows wherever you go. The EDIT Palette is a travel-friendly version of Viseart’s Warm Mattes Eye Shadow Palette—a staple in Hollywood makeup artists’ kits—designed for quick and easy eye looks. Choose from a curated edit of warm, summery shades and flip the convertible palette into an easel to achieve pro-level results on the go.

  • Honoree (new): Creamy beige with a matte finish
  • Saffron: Pollen yellow with a matte finish
  • Burnt Gold: Antique gold with a metallic finish
  • Earth: Deep bronze with a shimmer finish
  • Apricot Nude: Peachy beige with a matte finish
  • Bronzed Peach (new): Medium pink gold with a metallic finish
  • Nude Caramel (new): Deep tan with a matte finish
  • Chocolate: Dark brown with a matte finish
  • Moonstone (new): Champagne gold with a shimmer finish
  • Circumin: Burnt orange with a matte finish
  • Flame: Rusty red-orange with a matte finish
  • Mars: Warm magenta with a shimmer finish
Viseart EDIT Eye Shadow
Warm EDIT / Source: Beautylish

Design romantic looks with pinks and purples from the Tryst, Grande Pro 1, and Siren eye shadow palettes.

  • Rendezvous: Pink champagne with a shimmer finish
  • Ballet: Petal pink with a matte finish
  • Peony (new): Soft peach with a matte finish
  • Chocolate: Dark brown with a matte finish
  • Wisteria (new): Bright lavender with a duochrome finish
  • Rosette (new): Berry magenta with a matte finish
  • Café: Soft medium brown with a matte finish
  • Pêche: Light beige with a matte finish
  • Rosé (new): Medium red with a duochrome finish
  • Blossom (new): Shimmering rose gold with a duochrome finish
  • Truffle (new): Earthy brown with a shimmer finish
  • Splendor (new): Deep pink gold with a metallic finish
Viseart EDIT Eye Shadow
Rosé EDIT / Source: Beautylish


Each of the EDIT palettes retail for $39, and can be shopped exclusively from beautylish. Moreover, you can also pick up both palettes as a bundle.

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