The pretty big Venus collection by LimeCrime has a fandom of it’s own. Dedicated to the Greek Goddess, LimeCrime always finds ways to give consumers and fans a twist on their original Venus palette. However, this time around, the new addition to the line is their last. And they’ve found the perfect way to bid adieu to Venus. Moreover, it’s got it’s own little secret.


Long live Venus through Immortalis, a beautiful afterlife. Her reign may be ending, but her legacy will live on forever through the shades of depth and shadow. After all, she did revolutionize grunge shadow palettes in unison with her sisters, The Venus Collection. Get lost in hours of darkness once you’ve dipped into the realm of eternal divinity. Furthermore, Immortalis is a perpetually pigmented palette of supremely shady and shimmery hues

LimeCrime Venus Immortalis
Source: Brand
4 Finishes:
  • Matte:Matte finish
  • Foil:High def and ultra reflective
  • Shimmer:Luminous highlight
  • Sheer Shimmer:Translucent sheen
8 Shades:
  • UNSEEN: Matte black
  • ECHO:Gunmetal silver foil
  • MOTH:Shimmer gray with baby pink shift
  • MARBLE:Sheer shimmer white
  • UNVEIL:Matte black-brown
  • ASH:Matte slate gray
  • HAIL:Light silver foil
  • CAMEO:Matte cool cream
LimeCrime Venus Immortalis
Source: Brand

The colour story of Venus Immortalis is perfect for everybody’s favourite holiday of the year – Halloween. Considering all the dark and light hues which give life to a black and white effect, the palette is perfect for all those spooky looks you want to create. Additionally, you can also get away with sultry date night lewks. 😉

Oh, and did I tell you Venus Immortalis glows in the dark? Pretty cool, huh? Shop the new, and yet, final ode to Venus here.

LimeCrime Venus Immortalis
Source: Brand
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