Not very usual romantic trick to express your feelings with these Valentine Nail Art Designs

Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day to purely appreciate their mates. Some celebrate by taking their loved one on a romantic date and some prefer proposing their one for marriage. Hand in hand, lots of romantic talks and some special moments to make it best and the most romantic span of your life. If your partner is all set with some of the most romantic gifts like greeting cards, chocolates, jewellery or roses then surely you need to look perfect for the day. From your dress to your footwear everything should be just on point and why not, he deserve it. We have selected some of the cutest Valentine Nail Art Designs that will show your romance the moment you hold his hand. Let him feel that he is the most special one in your life. Just scroll our gallery to check some of the best designs that you need to try on your shaped nails.

If you like your nails to stand out more, keep them short and try a solid, opaque pastel pink with metallic pink foil in the shape of a heart, or simply painted all over one statement finger. The pastel pink keeps the look feminine for Valentine’s Day. The second most popular Valentine’s Day symbol has to be the kiss shape, which looks even better in micro print. You can also go with black nails and apply silver, metallic glitter in different sized hearts on each nail. Pick a white base with red lips and red glitter painted on.

Let his heart say “If we date, there will be moments when I will just stare at you and smile, know that in those moments I am appreciating everything about you.”

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