Since 2018, the question of inclusivity has been a rather important one. While some brands still fail to meet the mark, and focus more on business, others have paved the path and raised the bar. But when it comes to taking the topic of diversity and inclusivity to a deeper, more meaningful level, one such brand has hit the hammer on the nail’s head. Enter: UOMA Beauty.

Pronounced oh-ma, this brand was started by Nigerian-born, London-based Sharon Chuter, a former LVMH executive and all-around beauty veteran. I first heard of the brand through Trendmood, and was surprised at the initial launches. Uoma means “beautiful” in Igbo, a Nigerian language, and that is precisely what the brand wants to conquer – beautiful uprising.

Inspired by Africa’s vast and rich ethnic diversity, Uoma is more than colours in a bottle. It’s catering to people’s unique needs and making sure they are represented and heard.

“Inclusivity is allowing people to be their authentic self and celebrating the authenticity of people. [It’s] understanding it’s not about 60 shades, but who are the people behind the shades, what do they want, what do they like?” Chuter explains to Allure.


UOMA divides their complexion products using the Fitzpatrick scale into separate ‘kins’. Everyone falls into one of these categories depending on their skin color and common issues associated with said skin type.

  • Black Pearl – dark brown skin
  • Brown Sugar – brown skin
  • Bronze Venus – rich tan skin
  • Honey Honey – olive skin
  • Fair Lady – fair skin
  • White Pearl – very fair skin
UOMA Beauty Skin Kins
Source: Brand

In these kins, the complexion products are formulated with ingredients that are beneficial for that particular skin tone. Talk about personalization on a whole new level.

Moreover, the complexion products at UOMA include

  • Say What?! Foundation
  • Stay Woke Concealer
  • Double Take Contour Stick

As of right now, the brand carries 3 categories of lip products –

  • Black Magic Metallic Lipstick:  Amplify lips with a blast of explosive color and rave worthy shine. Infused with Brazil nut oil to moisturize and nourish lips with essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Boss Gloss:  Zero stickiness, all the shine – Now that’s a gloss worthy of a Boss!
  • Badass Icon Matte Lipstick: This sensually silky texture glides on the lips and leaves behind a stunning color with just one stroke. Wild mango butter drenches the lips with moisture, allowing you to have matte lips without the drying effect.



UOMA carries three gorgeous eye shadow palettes, and a long lasting, waterproof liquid eyeliner, with “Cleopatra Ink.” I stan.

  • Poise Eye Shadow Palette
  • Allure Eye Shadow Palette
  • Savage Eye Shadow Palette
  • DIS.IAC Liquid Eyeliner


The topic of inclusivity and diversity continues to be a heavily debated one. But with brands like UOMA Beauty at the forefront, the future looks pretty bright.

In conclusion, shop the brand here.

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