Weddings are a sentimental event for the entire family. Every family has aspirations for the bride and the groom. The bride envisions this day for a long time and wants to look her best on this auspicious day. Starting from the smallest detail, everything is planned out and catered for months before. At such a crucial time, the bride is often overwhelmed while settling with a new family. While nurturing newer relations, the bride tends to miss the nuances of her shopping. For every bride, jewellery is of paramount importance. It is the only time in her life when she adorns every piece of jewellery she has ever dreamed of. You cannot choose the design when you get jewellery gifts but you can be mindful while shopping on your own.


Here are some pointers to ensure that you personify grace and elegance on your wedding day.

Sustainable shopping – During weddings, it is expected to buy and wear jewellery that has visibility and has an intricate yet flashy design. Choosing designs which can be used again is a better way of shopping. Investing in jewellery that will stay locked up and not be used again is a disappointing thing. Besides, is it not better to enjoy the sentimental value every time you wear it? As a rule, search for jewellery that can be restyled and reused.


Occasion matters – Every ritual and occasion does not ask for all jewellery pieces. Combining smart pieces to look appropriate for an event can also make an impact. For the rituals that are celebrated with pomp and show, you may want to want to choose chunkier jewellery.


Match and shop – It is essential to make sure your hairstyle suits your earrings. Taking a demo of your hair along with your jewellery as well. Buying jewellery sets is a good option. You do not have to worry about your neckpiece matching your earrings. Choosing the right kind of sets is also important. All items in your package may not be suitable for you and you should not compromise on any aspect. Avoid making “here and now” choices at the jewellery shop.


Outfits and fabrics – Wedding garments are generally planned and ordered in advance. Wedding dresses are generally made of heavy work on fabrics. Matching the embroidery colour and the colour of the fabric with the jewellery is essential. Care should be taken to ensure that there are no edges that can fray the fabric of the wedding outfit. The intricate work on your outfit can also be matched with the jewellery and you are bound to look gorgeous.

Understanding what looks good – Jewellery accentuates your features and care should be taken to buy what suits you. If you have a round face, then long or hanging earrings will make your jawline more prominent. Brides with an oval structure of the face can go for short earrings or studs. Evaluate your neckline before you buy neckpieces. A bib necklace may not be appropriate for someone with a small neckline. The cut of the blouse (if you are wearing a lehenga) should also be considered. You need not overdo your jewellery. All it takes is a touch of class to make you shine.

Happy shopping for your special day!

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