While the unspoken majority is reflecting on bronzy, glowy themes for the summer, Kylie Cosmetics is taking the inspiration from somewhere else. What do you do in the crazy heat? You cool off. You have an ice-cream (or 5), you sit in the air conditioning, and you head to the beach. And the beach is where Kylie’s upcoming Summer 2019 line is based on. Not tanning, but the gorgeousness of the ocean underneath.


If you’ve seen The Little Mermaid, you probably sang the title. I sure as hell did. (and have you heard? The Little Mermaid’s live action remake has cast Halle Bailey as Ariel! *thunderous applause*) The new line by Kylie has apparently taken criticism of the baby pink packaging, and delivered with something different. Something a lot more sophisticated.

The Summer 2019 line, quoting Cosmopolitan, is “housed in an all-together more luxury looking coral card, finished off with cute sea inspired designs.” The Under The Sea collection also features a bunch of new formulas (which include lip kits), and tbh, we’re here for it!

Of course, with any upcoming launch, there is one person with all the tea, and that is Trendmood! She shared all the newness (with swatches) on her Instagram and we’d like to take this moment to say thank you.

The Under The Sea collection includes –

  • The Summer Eyeshadow Palette with matte, shimmery finishes and new formulas which involved the metallic and glitter shades.
  • Lipsticks, in 3 shades – Paradise Please and Beach Bum which are mattes, and Endless Summer is a lip topper.
  • Two lip kits, which have a new formula, so they’re called Lip Blushes. They give you natural tinted lips with a matte finish. Shades – Bikini Bod and Boss Slay.
  • The infamous High Gloss in – You Are The Sun
  • And finally, the items with the MOST MAJOR pigment, the shimmer eye glaze – Night Swim, Ocean Child, Deep Sea Dreams, Aqua Mama.

Now please allow me to be a little honest. While I don’t normally purchase Kylie’s limited edition items, this collection, however, has a different story. The lipsticks – they’re so stunning, I can’t miss out! And the eye glaze, well, I love a good shimmery eye, so that’s that. How about you? Is there anything you’d love to get your hands on?

The Kylie Cosmetics Under The Sea Collection will hit their online store on the 10th of July.

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