Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen, famously known as Miss Fame is not only a model, artist and drag queen (to name a few). But, to her resume, includes something bigger than the rest – brand owner. You’ve obviously heard of Miss Fame Beauty. If you haven’t, get your head in the game please! After the gorgeous first wave of launches, Miss Fame Beauty expands their collection later with a collection titled, “Under My Skin”.


The new line by Miss Fame Beauty includes their first ever shadow palette, and three glitters. (Remember the previous one? It was such a beaut! These are no exception, either!)


Soul alchemy, a release within the body, mind and spirit that permeates beyond our physical form. This palette consists of ten shadows ranging from anchored mattes, folded with excessive amounts of glitter. Additionally, as well as light emanating metallics to amplify emotion and duo reflective tones to move a mood into your own projection of beauty.

The colour theme in the palette is something that will work perfectly in the upcoming fall/Halloween season. Stunning purple and blue tones, with a peep of gold and green. The palette doesn’t have a matte-matte shadow, which is fine because I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. However, if you DO require a matte-matte, you can get it from any other palette from the 1000 palettes you own (is me.)


The Miss Fame glitters can be used anywhere on the body. Just be careful to not ingest it or get it in contact with your eyes – that’s gonna hurt.

The three glitters included in this line can be used over your fave Miss Fame lipsticks. Furthermore, they also go well with the  Under My Skin shadow palette.

  • (Tan)trick – Nude Glitter with Orange hue and holographic light reflection
  • Force Of Nature – Chameleon Glitter with an Emerald base that bends bold blue
  • Earth Shattering – Chameleon Green bending Copper Glitter

The Under My Skin line is online for pre-order now. The products will ship out at the end of September. $3 of each sale will go directly to the Hetrick Martin Institute to support underserved LGBTQ youth in New York.

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