Hello Ladies,
Two things I’m going to guess everyone who reads this blog is into:
Look dazzling like a celebrity, and playing with cool beauty products. Also, I bet a lot of you are into naturals like I am.
Since we all have desires to look like celebrities and this is quite obvious as we all think that they look so perfect in terms of there natural glowing skin that is blemish free and so clear that you cannot even find a single scar or even a spot on their skin. I believe that its not just the skin which creates that magic, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the quality skin. But in reality the magic is of the mixture of good skin and makeup ofcourse.

But, in normal life especially i’m talking about the college going girls its not possible to apply so much of makeup on daily basis. I have seen so many girls who are actually beautiful or should i say blessed!! they don’t need any extra makeup to make there skin look healthy or glowy. But nowadays due to so much of pressure, stress and so many reasons like smoking, pollution everything leads to make your skin more dull and lifeless. For this we can try yoga and regular exercising as they can actually do wonders to your body, but most of us don’t have time for this in reality (frankly i’m lazy person too and even if my mother suggest me to do such things i usually ignore) so there must be some other ways or may be some other products that can help us to be the way we wanted to be.

So, I’m sharing two products that can help you transform your skin into something you always have desired from a very promising brand ” Khadi “.



kesar_mcstPrice : Rs.189 for 210ml

It is an absolutely wonderful moisturizing cream, It really works in keeping skin all over really soft and moisturized all day long even till your next bath.
The texture is really smooth-flowing for you to easily spread it all over your body including large areas of skin such as the entire length of your arms and legs.
The ingredients include not just kesar, aloe-vera and honey but neem, tulsi and haldi are just some of the other ingredients.
Most importantly, it is non-sticky.

You will love the way it just melts into your skin leaving no traces behind except just soft, smooth, irresistible skin.
It basically condition your skin with the lightening kesar and healing aloe vera and watch it transform from being dull to simply feeling and looking angelic. Honey has potent anti-bacterial properties to deal with mild infections. The combination of kesar, aloe vera and honey heals skin and makes it more supple. Time for a well deserved self-indulgent home spa treatment to help alleviate all your stress.
I am a great fan of Khadi and have been using their products for a long time so am thoroughly satisfied with Khadi’s Kesar, Aloe-vera & Honey’ moisturizing cream. The completely natural products that Khadi is known to make their products with also gives a reassuring feeling each time you try out their products, so there is not really any harm in trying out various products of theirs…I certainly do!


Khadi Neem & Tulsi Face & Body Wash



Price : Rs. 270 for two bottles

and it is also available in the form of soap bar


neem_tulsi_scrub_stPrice : Rs. 99 ( for two )

As we all know Neem is always the best to cure acnes and pimples and Khadi is a well known brand for its 100 percent natural products . So, the combination of the two forced me to give it a try to this product.
Talking about the ingredients it has Aqua, Neem, Basil, Wheatgerm Oil, Teatree Oil.
Although the smell is little weird but its benefits makes it worth buying. Its like normal body wash when being applied as most of the glycerine based bodywash and soaps creates problem at the time of clinsing so, from my experience rinsing it off was a task, my skin kept feeling slippery. It did not dry out my skin at all, since it is enriched with a combination of various oils.

In the end, i would like to say that Khadi products are really good and they are value for money as they use natural and valuable ingredients and ofcourse the prices are so perfect that no one has to really think before buying them.