We’ve all wanted to know since an eternity how it is that celebrities keep their skin, and their makeup, looking oh-so-good. We’ve depended on, and dug through countless magazines, tabloids, columns to get information and apply it to ourselves. But thanks to this new age thing called the Internet, and specifically, YouTube, we have access to it all. And a LOT of celebrities are willing to share and demonstrate their cake and care tutorials.


I first saw Queen Rihanna’s makeup tutorial video shared by Vogue’s official page on YouTube. She was creating a look using items from her own line, the much deserved to be hyped, Fenty Beauty. And it’s not only Rihanna who has stepped up to sharing her secrets with us peasants, there’s many more who have done the same – Jhene Aiko, Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie Jenner etc. And all of their videos are a treat to watch. (More recently, Troye Sivan graced us with his video too!)


But let’s talk Rihanna in this article. Why? Because she’s THE queen, that’s why. I stumbled across Tutorial Tuesdays on Fenty Beauty’s YouTube – and one of the first videos in this line is Rihanna doing a look with her Fenty #CHILLOWT collection, and boy, is it a fun one. Watching Rihanna get excited about her own products makes a person grin ear to ear, and you also get first hand insight on how to use (or rather, how she prefers to use) said products. Because everybody works makeup in different ways and everyone has their own techniques, so watching these videos help you branch out and decide what works best for you.


Rih has used the #KILLAWATTFOILPALETTE for her eyes and her cheeks – and you can watch her talk about how she achieves her particular look, and she’s done a pretty fantastic job as a teacher tbh. She has also used her Frosted Metal lipstick, which comes in the coolest cigarette box packaging AND INCLUDES A MIRROR! How convenient! Now you won’t have to rush to a loo to touch up your lipstick, and you also have an aesthetic package to go with it!

The #CHILLOWT holiday collection is available worldwide on Fenty Beauty’s website, Sephora, Harvey Nichols and Sephora in JC Penney.

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