Hello Ladies,
There are a very few things in this world as sure as the steadfast relationship between a woman and her shoes. Shopping is indeed one of the best forms of therapy. And shopping for women’s footwear can be a liberating experience, given the many options one has at her disposal. From classic ballerina shoes, to killer heels, and sporty canvas and sneakers, women are truly blessed. 
If you are the kind of person who is more concerned about comfort over style, flats there is no doubt your footwear collection boasts of an enviable array of bellies and flats. Comfortable to wear, easily available, affordable, and flexible enough to pair well with any outfit, these styles of shoes are sure winners. These are ideal to be worn on an everyday basis and will take you from a fulfilling day at college or work, to a fun night-out.
There is no denying the fact that women love to dress up. Right from a very young age, we grow up aspiring to dress like and be more like the women in our life. This inspiration can come from our parents or other loved ones, or from the people we see on television. Time goes by, we grow up, but we never really grow out of this wish to feel beautiful and confident. And what better way to achieve this than by wearing a pair killer heels. You can chose to keep it classic with kitten heel shoes or go all out and sport bold, daring shoes with sky-high heels. Not a fan of heel shoes? Not a problem, opt for wedges. These will give you a height boost but without causing you as much discomfort as heel shoes. This style of women’s footwear come with thicker soles and thus offer a more comfortable support. Stock up your wardrobe with conservative low heel and seductive thigh-high boots with towering heels, and never worry about a bad-outfit day.
But, in this articles I have decided to add some good ethnic footwear options for women, as sometimes they look good and also its not mandatory that ethnic footwear are just meant to be paired with ethnic clothing. They look fabulous when paired with western clothing also. 



Price : Rs. 2799



Price : Rs. 1520



Price : Rs. 999



Price : Rs. 339



Price : Rs. 1695



Price : Rs. 1043



Price : Rs. 349



Price : Rs. 999



Price : Rs. 499



Price : Rs. 500


Ethnic wear has its own innate charm. When you choose to look ethnic, it is equally important to choose the right pair of shoes to complement your look. When you wear a classic lehenga or a casual kurti, wearing a matching pair of ethnic footwear can add a touch of grace. For formal events or special parties, get ethnic footwear to walk in style. With these sophisticated pairs at reasonable prices, go stylish every time you step out. So, why wait any further? Go ahead and buy these amazing women’s ethnic footwear.
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