First, it was drag race, Then, it was country music. After that, our makeup bags. Tracey Martel, AKA Trixie Mattel is a queen who does not slow down. When it comes to the world or makeup/beauty, Trixie isn’t a rookie. She started off as a makeup artist, and just last year, inclusive beauty brand, Sugarpill, launched a collection with her.

The line, titled “Oh, Honey” – Mattel’s signature catchphrase – was dedicated to making all of us look a little more ‘pin up’. Mattel had said in a statement, “I wanted to create shades that reflect a signature Trixie style – a sculpted synthetic eye with a pink paintball cheek and classic bright pink lips.” And she delivered.

But this time around, we don’t have collaborations. Instead, we have the Drag Race queen coming out with her own line of makeup – Trixie Cosmetics!

Trixie Cosmetics
Source: Brand

After 2 weeks of teasing the upcoming launch on Instagram, we finally have info on what’s coming. Knowing Tracey, there was definitely going to be some pink in this line. And there is.

The first (and so far, only) item that has been revealed is a megawatt pink lip colour named “Stacy.”

“Cream feel, yet magically matte. Perfect for daytime realness,” the caption reads.

Trixie Cosmetics, Stacy
Source: Brand

Of course, fans are going nuts over the reveal. And have been since the brand was first teased.

“Wearing this to job interviews, dog parks, and funerals,” writes one excited fan.

“me: i dont like pink lipstick. me also: i need twenty,” writes another.

Another item that will launch is Unicorn Confetti Glitter. And it looks exactly like how it sounds.

Trixie Cosmetics will debut at RuPaul’s DragCon in LA on May 24th. Additionally, products will also be available on her exclusive website,

Excuse us while we sit in anticipation of more product sneak peeks by the skinny legend.

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