Trendy Nail Paint for this soothing season

Trendy Nail Paint

Let your fingers do the talking, as your pinkies flaunt the plethora of colors thrown in to make your day full of pops! Most trendy nail paint that can make your eyes drool and your hands pretty in a jiffy.  Pastels and summer are almost synonymous with each other, especially when it comes to nails. Here are some of the best shades that you must have for this and the coming season.

Carmin Parisien

Trendy Nail Paints _ stylegodsThis nail enamel is formulated with precious oils and is highly pigmented that in turn gives your nails a super glossy, sleek finish.

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Taffy Pink Wonder

Trendy Nail Paints _ stylegodsEasy to apply, this nail enamel ensures a long-lasting color and shine.

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Wear Nail Color

Trendy Nail Paints _ stylegodsThis nail enamel is long lasting and will keep the moisture locked inside your nails.

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Magical Green Luxe

Trendy Nail Paints _ stylegodsIts professional formula not only results in rich coloration and smooth stroke but also protects your nails from easy brittle and cracks.

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Yellow Nail Enamel

Trendy Nail Paints _ stylegodsMake your hands look striking and even more beautiful using this Yellow Gel Effect nail enamel.

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Smell The Roses

Trendy Nail Paints _ stylegodsThis nail paint imparts your nails a natural shine along with gorgeous colour that is suitable for a variety of outfits.

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Luxe Nail Lacquer

Trendy Nail Paint _ stylegodsCrack-proof and long-lasting, its charming color will beautifully complement your trendy outfits.

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Shine Nail Enamel

Trendy Nail Paint _ stylegods

One of those colors which will suit each and every hand so this is essential for your vanity.

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Red Alert Nail Enamel

Trendy Nail Paint _ stylegodsOne of the most classy looking color. Apply a coat or two to give a wonderful shine to your nails. 

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LYN Lacquers

Trendy Nail Paint _ stylegodsThese lacquers have been formulated with pigments that reveal their true brightness and vividness for ultimate wear.

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Lime Slush

Trendy Nail Paint _ stylegodsIt’s time to embrace your chic, daring side with this alluring matte nail paints.

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Be Sexy.

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