Trendy Lip Shades that will give you perfect lips with wide smile

Makeup is one of the essential things without which a woman does not step out of her house. One of the important thing in makeup is lipstick. Without a perfect lip shade, your face looks dull. Trendy lip shades instantly add glamour and make you look bold. But choosing a correct and evergreen shade that never fails in a task. There are many lip shades available in the market, but not all of them suit you well. Here are we with some amazing tips for your beauty look.

As we all know it well that lips are just paired with teeth so if you have teeth problem then you must avoid using some particular shades. These bold shades like Muddy burgundy, Browns and Neon pinks, reds make your teeth look yellow. You must stay away from these shades. But not all shades make you look weird here are some shades which will never fail to make you look beautiful.



Trendy Lip Shades _ Style Gods

Red is always a classy and sexy colour to play with. I know you know it already that it looks amazing as a lip shade.



Trendy Lip Shades _ Style Gods

This colour matches with your natural lip colour. This colour looks cool toned and leaves pastel effect to lips.



Trendy Lip Shades _ Style Gods

Your teeth will hit the jackpot with this blue-based hue, and so will your smile. This colour makes your mood fresh and leaves you energetic.



Trendy Lip Shades _ Style GodsIf you are trying to cover up with your teeth issue then this is the best shade which you could choose. This colour usually goes with any skin tone and make you look subtle.

You must have these amazing shades in your vanity. And in case if you are missing these shades then add them soon.

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