Transform Yourself With ZOEVA’s Melody Collection

When it comes to aesthetics 101, there’s hardly any other mainstream brand that does it better than ZEOVA Cosmetics. Their collections always include beautiful packaging and a gorgeous concept. So of course, their new Melody Collection had to be no different.

“The butterfly is a symbol of powerful transformations,” says CEO Zoe Boiku. Additionally, she implies that the collection is “a reminder to listen to the whispers within your heart.” Which will eventually lead you “to break free, transform, and become who you were always meant to be.”


Graceful and delicate, yet strong enough to withstand a total metamorphosis, the butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation. Inspired by these winged beauties, the Melody collection celebrates a woman’s ability to transform herself with lightness and ease.

Melody Eye Shadow Palette


Float like a butterfly in these soft, shimmering—and transformative—eyeshadows. Moreover, these are exclusive for the Melody palette. Featuring an ultra-rich texture, these 10 shades ranging from porcelain pink to cool blue to rich espresso will take your look to new heights.

Shades: 10 eyeshadows (4 matte, 3 satin, 2 duochrome, 1 shimmer)

  • Gowns Swirling: Matte porcelain pink with glitter
  • Airy Dalliance: Satin delicate apricot
  • Gentle Clasp: Satin cool blue with glitter
  • Cocoon of Doubt: Satin antique gold
  • Fly Solo: Matte cool ash brown
  • From Heaven: Duochrome rose satin base with icy blue shift
  • Whirled Above: Matte sandy maple brown sugar
  • Crystal Wings: Duochrome rust-red satin base with golden green shift
  • Soul Unheld: Shimmer golden honey bronze
  • About to Leave: Matte rich espresso brown


Melody Lip Gloss

This is the first time ZOEVA has launched lip glosses. To sum up, they definitely do make a statement in this collection. The shade names take inspiration from, you guessed it, butterflies. Also, these have an ultra-shine finish.

ZOEVA melody collection
Source: Brand
  • Fly Away
  • Spread Your Wings
  • Become A Butterfly
  • Join The Dance
  • Radiant Flight

And finally, the Melody collection also includes a gorgeous hand held mirror, with a butterfly motif that looks insane!

ZOEVA melody collection
Source: Brand

You can shop the ZOEVA Melody Collection on their website. Additionally, this butterfly-inspired label is limited edition.