Royal Trailer Of Padmavati has left everyone curious to see the movie

Bollywood movies which are made with great royalty come in the category of most awaited one. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has painted an image on the silver screen that is likely to knock off your socks.Trailer Of Padmavati of this much-awaited movie will transfer you back to the 13th century. The manufacturers decided to release the trailer at exactly 13:03 in October. According to Wikipedia, Alauddin Khalji’s siege of Chittor’s event happened in 1303 CE. You need to check the amazing looks of the actors.

The official preview of Padmavati gained more than 3 lakh views in about three hours and now it has crossed 27,185,612 views. Picturesque sets and the dramatic battle scenes will keep you engrossed and leave you looking for more. Entire Bollywood was also mesmerized by watching the trailer. You need to check appreciation made by them for Padmavati.

Check the trailer here.

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