Hello Everybody,

Have we ever imagined that we will have smart watches on our wrist? No, we never had this thought that such a small gadget can be so reliable with lots of features in it. The advancement in technology has changed our life entirely, we are so dependent on technology that each and every action of ours is incomplete without the gadgets we own. The change in our lifestyle is provoking brands to develop better and enhanced version of what exist. The way we live, communicate, travel and learn is transforming as per the changes that has been brought in technology.

We have many smart watches in market with amazing features which makes our life much more easier because we don’t have to hold our huge phones in our hands all the time. What not is there in this tiny products from alarm, fitness tracker, incoming/outgoing call display, reminder to your phone notifications.

After the launch of smart watches from almost all the brands why Titan would sit back, so finally they have entered the smartwatch segment.

Its the first smartwatch, named as ‘Juxt‘. Juxt is the first smartwatch from an Indian watchmaker company developed in collaboration with HP. Although last year HP released a smartwatch in partnership with Movado. According to the head of HP, Titan company wanted a melange of technology and tradition together.
Quite obvious though, as Juxt is basically a simple analog watch but it has smart features. Features are:

  • OLED screen
  • 6 hours indicator to show notifications for incoming calls, texts, emails, social media.
  • Basic fitness tracking and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.carousel-1Titan-JUXT2


The Titan Juxt Smartwatch is available in three variants :

a. Rose Gold


90055KL01J Price : Rs. 17,995


b. Stainless Steel



Price : Rs. 15,995


c. Titanium


90055TL01JPrice : Rs. 19,995


In my opinion spending 17k on a simple and not-so-smart watch would not be a smart decision.