Although I don’t have facial acne, I have a LOT of bacne. Which is annoying, because I always feel like I can’t do anything about it. But the truth is, I can. And so can you. First, let’s quickly look at all the causes of bacne, followed by a DIY that’ll help.

The back has a higher density of glands that produce oil and sweat than other areas of the body, making it especially prone to acne. UGH.

  • Conditioner – When you’re washing your hair, the oils from your hair and conditioner run down your back and can clog pores. Switch to cleaning your back at the end to avoid clogging.
  • Your supportive sports bra – Although they’re a big help in keeping our tatas in check, they trap sweat. Bacteria and oil then clog the pores, causing breakouts.
  • Loofahs – Yeah, best to not use one for more than 3 weeks. Breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Hormones – Can’t do much here, tbh.
Source: Giphy
  • 1/3rd cup sea salt
  • 1/3rd cup olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon raw oats
  • 10-20 uncoated aspirin

WHY ASPIRIN? Because aspirin is composed of Salicylic acid, which is used in the treatment of Acne. (and in this case, bacne)

Mix the sea salt and oats in a bowl. Add in the olive oil and mix well. Crush the aspirin, and add to the mix. Work the scrub into damp skin – preferably mid shower – and focus on problem areas. Wash off properly.

After shower, avoid any oil based products, but moisturize well.

Repeat the scrub 2-3 times a week, or however you feel comfortable.