All it takes are a few simple outfits. And there’s one secret – The Simple, The Better. 


Once you leave for work, you never know the situation you will be in, will the day end on an important meeting or a special date. And for that one should always be ready for any situation. Men are more choosy like what they want to wear and specifically the color combos. They want everything just perfect (Hahahaha :P) with least patience to spend time on it.

So here we have paired the best. Pick any of these and you will rock the show.


Solid Regular

picture7 Buy shirt.

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Slim Fit Formal

picture5 Buy shirt.

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Black & Beige

picture4 Buy shirt.

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Grey Coffee

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Solid Combo

picture9 Buy shirt.

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The right formal pair on a man can actually make the onlooker sit up from their squishing sitting position and take notice. This won’t take much time of yours and you get back to your game or the series you are watching.

Go Formal.