I don’t remember the last time I wrote about theBalm. It’s been a while, I suppose. But here I am, right in time to quickly talk about their newest launch – TheBalmFire. Duos, trios and quads are actually pretty popular in the beauty industry, mainly because of the ease of carrying them along. Singles can get a little problematic. And TheBalmFire is your solution.


TheBalmFire is the brand’s newest blush/highlighter duos. Moreover, they’re stacked! I don’t like palette situations sometimes, so this makes it a lot easier to maneuver. These duos feature super shimmery highlighting blushes for a beautiful glow.

And these are perfect for when you want to channel your dewy goddess vibes. Or become the average dewy dumpling. There are a total of 3 TheBalmFire duos, namely –


BEACH GOER duo features super shimmery highlighting blushes to amp up your gorgeous glow. HIGH TIDE has a pink with gold shimmer and LOW TIDE is a glistening lavender shade. These highlighting blushes also double as shadow and look gorgeous on any skin tone — so whatever shade you choose, it will be hot.


Give theBalmFire GAME DAY a sweep across your cheeks for an intense dose of luminosity and shimmer! This compact duo comes complete with two striking shades, forming the perfect match! PRE-PARTY is a purple/pink with gold shimmer and VICTORY will give you a gleaming pink glow. Blend these shades together or wear individually, all theBalmFire duos are versatile and work well on any skin tone – it’s a sure win!


Where there’s smoke, there’s theBalmFire! The NIGHT OWL super shimmery highlighting blushes includes two stunning shades that can be blended together or worn individually. DUSK is a coral peach with gold shimmer and DAWN is a luminous bronzer. Both these shades can double as shadows and will look gorgeous on any skin tone. This duo will have you ‘spark’ling all night!

All the shades in this line are versatile, and multi-use. They flatter all skin tones, and are buildable and makeup bag friendly! Shop them on the brand’s website for $26 each.

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