Her eyes are her own vocabulary, What a beautiful language to learn.

Eyes communicate without words. It expresses our emotions in the right way and straight on target and to be more expressive let’s not keep them boring and dull as it will not bring the charm that one is looking in you. Eye shadows, kajal, liners and mascara add more drama and life.

And when it comes to choosing the right eye make up products, I can always rely on Maybelline as they are very active in introducing products with changing trend and did not disappoint me yet. So recently they came up with ‘Eye Studio’ collection, ‘Fit Me’ collection for foundation, facial products and new ‘Color Sensational’ shades for lips. One of the latest launched product is Maybelline eye gel which is part of its ‘Eye Studio’ Collection.

Maybelline Gel Eye Liner


It is professional finish gel liner which gives a very intense look to your eyes. I personally feel that it is best because it is waterproof, don’t smudge and last long. Only an oil-free formula can hold highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base. It defines and give animated look to your eyes.


The pack includes a tiny tub of the gel liner and a specially designed brush. Easy to carry anywhere in your hand bag.


The Brush-
The brush is sleek black and not very long. The bristles are soft and densely packed. This gives better control and precise lining. You could go as thin and as thick as you want. The brush comes with a plastic lid so it is easy to store anywhere.

The Tub-
The tub is tiny. It contains 2.8 g of product. But once you apply it you are going to fall in love with your eyes.

images (2)

I don’t want to but can’t resist comparing this with other brand.images (1)

Key Features

  • Maybelline Gel Eye Liner is great in terms of smooth and even application. I cannot describe how smoothly it glides on the lid.
  • The brush is of excellent quality with bristles.
  • Do not smudge. But this can be applied (very lightly) as cream shadow.
  • It has matte finish.
  • Maybelline Gel Eye Liner will definitely last longer than others.


Not only one but the company has launched 3 more color other than Black. Eggplant (purple) will look more interesting if paired well with the right color outfits. Charcoal (grey) don’t go overboard, just a thin stroke will look good. If you want to go subtle, aim for brown eye gel that works really well with eyes.

Buy Black Eye Gel.

Buy Brown Eye Gel.

Buy Charchol Eye Gel.

Buy Eggplant Eye Gel.

These different shades are going to rock your look. Go for it and look different and stunning everyday.

Go Dramatic

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