PLouise is a brand that has gained immense traction ever since beauty YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials raved about them in her socials. The brand, which is also a huge beauty school, the P Louise Makeup Academy, gained notoriety over their eye shadow bases. What was their initial product has grown into a huge business – which now includes various shades, and colours – so you can create the eye look of your dreams.

One of the artists at the PLouise Makeup Academy, Mitchell (@mmmmitchell) has also become a big name in the industry. A name which probably grew 10 fold ever since his masterclasses with Jeffree Star, spear headed by Tati Lashes. A quick look at mmmmitchell’s socials, and his work is obvious – clean, precise, GORGEOUS.

And now, PLouise hooked up with their star artist and is about to drop an intense collection of paints, titled, “Acid Reign”.


The collection includes new eye paints, which have a new formula. The paints claim to be self setting. They don’t budge once they’ve dried down, and don’t tear once dry. (Which is a pretty big claim, but considering how insanely popular their bases are, these are probably legit.)

The Acid Reign paints can be used for cutting creases, and furthermore, can be applied on the body, waterline and the hair!

Acid Reign P Louise x mmmmitchell
Source: Brand
  • Glow Girl – magenta
  • Ecstasy – purple
  • Raver – bright pink
  • Ibiza – pastel purple
  • Nitro – light blue
  • Blank Canvas – nude
  • Lime Light – bright green

The shades will retail for £14.50 each.

Moreover, the PLouise x MMMMitchell collaboration includes 3 brushes. The Acid Reign collection goes live on the 16th of August. HOWEVER, if you want to snag their gorgeous PR package, sign up on their website now! (Only 100 boxes available)

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