When I said blue-ming, I meant blooming. But since this new comer by Anastasia Beverly Hills has a lot of blue (and I mean A LOT), hence, blue-ming. Ah, never mind. ABH President and daughter to Misz Beverly Hills, Claudia, AKA Norvina took to her twitter one fine day and dropped major news. The Norvina Collection Vol. 1 has a Vol. 2, and it’s releasing in less than a week!


It seems like only yesterday that the Purple pro pigment palette grew wings and flew out into the world. While we’re still reeling over all the stunning looks created by artists around the globe, Norvina went ahead and gave us a blue palette.

ABH Norvina Collection Vol. 2
Source: Temptalia

That’s right. The Norvina Collection Vol. 2 Pro pigment palette has a multitude of blues and other colours to block. Although the palette on it’s own looks pretty, a lot of people aren’t convinced over this line of releases by the brand. For most of them, Norvina’s launches work as a sub brand to ABH, but not the main company itself. Maybe it’s time for a little newness?

Norvina’s aim is to not only cater to makeup lovers, but also artists globally. However, there is also the issue of the back to back launches. First, it was the Alyssa Edwards. Then the Jackie Aina. Norvina Vol. 1, and now vol. 2. There’s an answer for that too. According to Claudia, the vol. 2 palette wasn’st supposed to be released any time soon. But, sh*t happens. And here we are.


The palette is pretty similar to it’s predecessor. Similar packaging, same number of shades (except the actual shades themselves, of course.) Intensely loaded with pure pigments, and the signature ABH charm.

The campaign images for the new lineup is nothing short of gorgeous. A very futuristic looking Norvina reps her new babies in the photos, and honestly, we’re all fucking DYING. Along with the palette, she is also releasing a bunch of glitters. Why? Elevation, of course.

ABH Norvina Collection Vol. 2
Source: Norvina/Twitter

Compliment all your #lewks with ten new glitters from ABH, each more stunning than the next. “I felt that these glitters were the perfect way to finish or top off looks,” Norvina shared with her followers via a post on Instagram. “Just when you thought you did all the looks possible with your palette, BOOM pop a glitter.”

ABH Norvina Collection Vol. 2
Source: Brand/Elite Daily
ABH Norvina Collection Vol. 2
Source: Brand

The glitters launch on September 26th, and different shades will be available at different retailers. “In The Moment” will be exclusive to the ABH website, where all 10 shades will be available. Furthermore, the other nine shades will also be available on Sephora.com. However, just five shades — “Color Wave,” “Day 2,” “Keep Palm,” “Team No Sleep,” and “Wavy” — available to shop in Sephora stores.

The Norvina Collection Vol. 2 palette also launches on the 26th of September. So start saving your money, folks. Cuz we’re all gonna be broke AH.

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