Well. It seems like there’s going to be a new post about ColourPop every third day. And I’ll be honest, I’m not mad. The latest item in the ColourPop belt is a collaboration with a beauty influencer. Shayla, known as makeupshayla on Instagram has another collection with the budget friendly brand. Her first was titled “Perception”. This one, however, is called “Under Construction”.

It features Shayla dressed up as a hot construction worker (Work From Home, anyone?) and showing off her, erm…goods. The Shayla x ColourPop Under Construction palettes includes something for the eyes, lips AND face.


You’ll need a warning label when you’re looking this fierce. Get Shayla’s entire Under Construction Collection that includes the Proceed With Caution Palette, Slow Down and Speed Up Lip Duos, and 2 brand new Pressed Powder Blushes.

Shayla x ColourPop
Source: Brand

Highly pigmented shadow that applies evenly and feels ultra-velvety and silky. This long wearing formula contains a unique combination of softer powders which adheres easily to the eyes, gives a soft focus effect, and blends smoothly and evenly.

shayla x colourpop
Source: Brand
  • Proceed: matte pale banana
  • Maintenance: matte chestnut brown
  • Dead End: metallic yellow gold with silver flecks
  • Warning: metallic tangerine with a gold flip
  • HZRD: metallic deep bronze with golden flecks
  • Caution: matte golden yellow
  • Drill: metallic true copper
  • Culture: matte soft brown
  • Gloves On: matte black with copper flecks



The lip bundles contain an Ultra Satin Lip along with a BFF Lippie Pencil.

  • Speed Up Lip Bundle: Speed Up Ultra Satin Lip (nudey pink) and BFF Pencil 3 (deep nude)
  • Slow Down Lip Bundle: Slow Down Ultra Satin Lip (honey nude) and BFF Pencil 4 (deep chestnut nude)

Rich blushes that glide on smoothly and leave cheeks with a natural and healthy flush. This formula contains silky powders that adhere to the skin, providing long wear and colour that stays true all day! This soft-feeling blush blends evenly and can be layered to your desired intensity.

  • Construct: Pearlized mid tone rosey nude with gold shimmer
  • Whistle While You Werk: Matte fresh pink

Grab the Shayla x ColourPop Under Construction Collection from Colourpop.com while stocks last!

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