Beyonce to relaunch her athleisure brand Ivy Park with Adidas

Beyonce pulled out of her Topshop deal after the sexual harassment made against Philip Green. The singer/star was in pressure by her fans to withdraw from the commercial partnership in response to the allegations made against the 66-year-old businessman. And finally last year she ended her relations with Topshop.

But the brand has found a new home in Adidas, one of the biggest athleisure labels in the world. Adidas has reportedly brought Beyonce on board as a creative partner for the company and relaunch her athleisure brand Ivy Park, in full swing. According to the contract, Beyonce will also be developing new footwear and clothes for the brand. In a press release she describes the collaboration as ‘ a partnership of lifetime’ . 

The news was spread through an Instagram blast added by Adidas.

“Adidas has had tremendous success in pushing creative boundaries,” Beyoncé continues via “We share a philosophy that puts creativity, growth and social responsibility at the forefront of business.”

In the release, Adidas even said that the partnership “respects Beyonce’s ownership of her company which continues her journey as one of the first black women to be the sole owner of an athleisure brand.”

Moreover Adidas even announced that the collaboration will be “inspiring and empowering the next generation of creators, driving positive change in the world through sports and identifying new business opportunities.”

After delivering a heart warming speech while accepting the 2019 Entertainer of the Year Award at the NAACP Image Awards , this news!! Queen Bee is all set to run the World with Adidas and we are eagerly waiting.


Including clothing, footwear and an Ivy Park relaunch, this one is clearly something to be looking up for.  We are definitely looking up to your new collaboration Queen Bee.


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