Kat Von D Beauty was perhaps the first International brand that I had heard of that made legit eyeliners. Kat’s Trooper eyeliner is still a well-loved liner, as are her other newly launched ones. But this post isn’t about any of them. It is about her extremely well-loved liquid lipstick, Lolita, and the new expansion.

KvD – Lolita Everlasting Liquid Lipstick


Lolita, from the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick range, was named after a close family friend of Kat Von D. According to Kat, it was the shade that launched an obsession with all things dusty mauve. Available in 2 Liquid Lipstick shades, 3 Lipliner shades, 3 Studded Kiss Lipstick shades and a beloved eyeshadow, get ready for new members of the #LolitaPorVida family!


The new collection, launching December 10th, was unveiled by the brand and has everybody brimming with excitement. The newbies of the family are as follows –

  • #LolitaPalette in 9 beautifully matte, Lolita-dusty-rose inspired eyeshadows
  • #KVDInkwell in a NEW shade for the perfectly matte liquid Lolita wing
  • #GlimmerVeil in a covetable shimmery Lolita hue


The shades in the Lolita palette are inspired by the brand’s Latina heritage and have romantic, matte dusty rose tones. The shades in the palette are





Con Amo





(I feel like I’m fluent in Spanish just by saying these out loud)


The entire global launch dates are mentioned below. Keep an eye out on your local Sephora to pick these babies up when they’re in stock!

12/10 @sephora + @sephoracanada #SiJCP AND

12/12 @debenhams

January ’19 @sephoraaus @sephorasg

February ’19 France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Mexico

March ’19 @sephorabrasil + @sephoramiddleeast