Hello, stunners. Today’s post will be featuring a base product- from one of the quirkiest brands I’ve ever seen- The Balm Cosmetics.

I’m not an everyday foundation kinda gal. Some days I go bare, with just powder and on other non-foundation days when I have to go out into the world for human contact, I like to use my favourite Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer.


Take cover with Balm Shelter.

Avoid the everyday drama! Our weightless, silky-smooth tinted moisturizer has your daily dose of SPF. Balm Shelter also helps improve the look of skin’s tone and texture, leaving you with a polished — and protected — complexion.


I purchased the Balm’s moisturizer from Nykaa, and fell instantly in love with it. The product comes boxed, with all the ingredients and artwork on it, and on the inside is a peach coloured tube with a grey flip cap top and grey lettering. Nothing too fancy, nothing too boring either.

Balm Shelter

It comes in 7 shades, and I picked up light medium for myself, which was the perfect match for my skin tone. The product is pretty thick and pleasantly scented and for some reason, feels cooling on my skin. Maybe it’s the air conditioner, maybe it’s the product itself because I don’t see any cooling claims on the packaging.

Balm Shelter Swatch

Whereas most people would apply it with their fingertips, I prefer a buffing brush (bougie, I know) The Balm Shelter is pretty sheer coverage, buildable to an almost medium, and manages to discreetly camouflage minor imperfections here and there. Although you would require the help of a concealer to cover more pigmentation or scars.

The moisturizer does tend to make you shinier as the day passes, but I always set it with powder and it does the trick for me. It might be slightly challenging for oilier skin types.

Balm Shelter Blended In

One of the best things about this product is that it doesn’t cling to dry patches and doesn’t accentuate ‘imperfections’. It’s lightweight, blends out flawlessly and gives you a fresh, glowy look. Even though it works for the no-makeup makeup look, I wouldn’t suggest it for a work day as you might be a little ~too~ shiny, unless you find the time to blot and go.

  1. Light weight, moussey texture, easy to blend
  2. Provides coverage on using a brush
  3. Has SPF 18
  4. Gives a fresh faced look
  5. Does not cling to dry patches
  6. Suitable for almost all skin types
  1. Does not cover up major pigmentation or scars
  2. Might not work with oily skin types without a mattifying primer

Shop the tinted moisturiser here!

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