Hello ladies,

Give a woman the right lipstick and

she can conquer the world

Will you be excited, if I tell you that now you can own lipsticks with flower infused in it? Gone are the days when you had to splurge on buying range of lipstick that would suit your lips best and apply according to the occasion or your mood.


This amazing thing is the result of rigorous efforts of a China based cosmetic brand Kailijumei to give something out of the box to this industry. They launched lipsticks that are gel based and have real flowers in them. They really make your lips look like flower. They manifest flower power. Now, this lipstick is rage all over.


They are not only gel based with real flowers in it but also sprinkle glitter specks all over your lips. The Kailijumei Lipsticks come in flame red, barbie pink powder and minute maid. When its applied, it gives light pink tint to your lips. To our great surprise, these fabulous lipstick change its shade according to our mood i.e. the body temperature and the pH. This is the one thing that actually sounds interesting to me, isn’t it really cool?


They contain natural ingredients like candelilla resin, cocoa butter, beeswax, and lavender oil. Beware of counterfeit products being sold on eBay — according to the Kailimujei‘s Instagram, they may contain some seriously dangerous chemicals.


But unfortunately, these lipsticks are already out of stock on Kailijumei site, since its one of the coolest lipstick launched this summer. But if this is something that you really want and is making you go crazy, then you can pre-order them on their site. They retail for $30 each. Order now!

Stay updated for more product launches!

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