Teen takes senior portraits at Taco Bell, goes viral

Teen from Illinois, Andrew McBurnie just graduated from Bradley Bourbonnais Community High School in Bourbonnais. The 17-year-old told ABC10, he and friends frequent Taco Bell to eat and hangout.

He linked up with his hometown friend, Wesley Taylor, to do the job. The two have been shooting photos together for fun over the last few months.

I was immediately all for it.” said Taylor. “Andrew had seen other senior photos at Taco Bell, but wanted to up the ante by wearing his tux. Immediately the wheels in my head started turning with all sorts of ideas, and the fashion magazine aesthetic was the winner for the final photos and edits.”

They headed out to Taco Bell and got started on the shoot that took over the internet by storm. Though both McBurnie and Taylor became overnight sensations, the experience is what mattered for them.

McBurnie said it was “torturous” to hold tacos while not eating them, but that he enjoyed spending time with his friend. “Originally we were going to use just one taco, but having the full messy meal added to the proper but messy contrast.” McBurnie said.
McBurnie and Taylor’s fast food photo shoot was a hit before the portraits even hit the web.

The photo shoot has since gone viral, even getting the attention of the fast food giant behind the inspiration. McBurnie said he is “absolutely surprised” at all the attention his senior portraits have received.


“I knew people in my area would find them funny but the amount of people who have found joy in them has given me joy as well.” McBurnie said. “Some people have brought out a positive message of creativity and self-expression and I’ve loved that.”
So what does a guy with such a deep love for Taco Bell order?


“One loaded Potato Griller, one chipotle Chicken Griller, and a Baja Blast Freeze.” McBurnie said. “But the new chicken chips might make their way to the list.”


The Taco Bell dream team isn’t planning on slowing down their viral success. They have big plans.



“Our ultimate goal is for Ellen or Jimmy Fallon to hear about this,” Taylor said. “I think it would be so fun to be able to recreate these photos with them!”

In the meantime, McBurnie is getting ready to attend Olivet Nazarene University to study video production and musical theatre in the fall.

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