Taylor Marie Hill is an American model and current Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015 – the youngest VS model to earn her wings. And this week, she partnered up with Vogue to give us a 10 minute guide to her fall or “just my kind of, everyday go-to look.”


In the video uploaded by Vogue to YouTube, a fresh-faced Hill preps her skin using a skin serum and moisturizer and claims her skin gets “really dry from travel”, and uses 3 skin care products before starting makeup application. Talking about her dark under eye circles due to genetics, Taylor emphasizes on her use of eye cream and says that she has a lot of them. “I’m not even tired right now, it’s the afternoon, and this is just me. They’re always dark.”


Instead of using foundation, Taylor opts for a skin tint with SPF and says, “If like, 20 makeup artists tell you that you should put sunscreen on your face every day, then you probably should.” She also says she adheres to the sunscreen because she wants to “age well.” Hill credits her mum, a beautician for 30 years, for all the tricks and knowledge she gained on makeup, and reveals that her mum still cuts her hair!

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Taylor then proceeds to put powder all over her face, focusing on the T zone, and then applies 2 different shades of concealer, using her fingers to blend it out. She also “wakes up” her undereyes by gently drumming her fingertips over them. She then applies blush on the apples of her cheeks and talks about how she likes to play with makeup, depending on the weather – dark eyes during the winter and rainy season, and a bronzed look for fall. She also adds a little bit of contour and highlight.

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Hill talks about how she preps for the coveted Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, starting a month in advance, and how cutting out dairy is the hardest part. “…no cheese, no milk… which is really hard because that means no pizza!” But then admits that the sacrifice is worth it since her skin glows within 2 weeks of the cut.


Taylor adds a flush of colour to her eyes and opts for a brown eyeliner instead of the usual black and says it’s taken her “years and years of practice”, and using a brown eyeliner is more subtle and gives you more room for error. She also spills a little secret to the cat eye, taught by her mother, where instead of lining your lash line from the top, line it in the waterline to give you the ultimate, clean line. Taylor loves eyelash curlers, owning 5 of them, and gives her lashes a good curl prior to applying mascara, “the jewelry of your makeup look” according to her. She also applies another coat, but without dipping. She also does her brows using her mascara wand. (She never plucks them, except for her unibrow area, explaining that her mum complimented her eyebrows when she was younger, comparing them to iconic Brook Shield’s lashes)


Last but not least, Hill lines her lips using a darker lip liner than her nude lipstick, and rubs the lipsticks in with her fingers. And just like that, Taylor Hill is glowing and gorgeous – Proving that less is always more.

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