K-beauty has been the rage for a hot minute now. As someone who is heavily into makeup, and moving into skin care with the same passion, I’m always on the lookout for stuff to add to my routine. (Currently, I’m testing out some newbies I purchased – I shall be updating the results/opinions soon) But when it comes to K-beauty, one brand is pretty big in the luxury sector. If you’re thinking of Tatcha, you’re absolutely right.

Tatcha’s facial mists, creams are used by all the top MUAs globally – and with great reason. The brand not only gives you luxury products, each of their pieces are attached with a luxe experience. So not only are they used in personal vanities, they’re also included in facials and skin treatments! Their newest launch is an eye cream that promises youth and radiance to the Chanels under your eyes.


An anti-aging eye cream that melts to release a double shield of hydration. Contains line-smoothing liquid silk and moisture-locking Japanese White Peony for youthful, radiant eyes.

Why It Works

Unique melting texture smooths and blurs

  • Cushiony balm designed for comfort around the delicate eye area. Melts upon application to release a powerful moisturizing elixir with liquid silk.
  • Blurs the look of fine lines & wrinkles. As a result, skin resembles the soft, smooth, natural radiance of pure silk.
  • Ideal to prep the eye area for makeup application.

Provides a doubly effective shield of hydration

  • A complete silk protein forms a protective veil of moisture on top of skin.
  • Japanese White Peony helps support skin’s natural barrier function to seal in moisture.

Reveals youthful-looking, brighter eyes

  • 30% Hadasei-3™ yields essential skin nutrients for an improvement in the visible signs of aging.
  • Antioxidant-packed formula helps protect against signs of future damage.

The Silk Peony is perfect for all skin types. And boasts a cruelty free tag. Furthermore, application advised is a rice grain amount for both eyes. Use it both day and night.

If you’re feeling this beaut, snag it on the Tatcha website, or your store that stacks the brand. The Silk Peony retails for $60 (oof)