Tarun Tahillani And Amit Aggarwal are together to create something best

Tarun Tahillani And Amit Aggarwal are together

Designers give a new look to any outfit. Just a small touch of their innovation can give the most stylish look to a outfit. Each and every fashion designer has something unique and stylish in his designs. There is always something different is style and this is what which make their designs best and innovative. Fashion designers Tarun Tahillani and Amit Aggarwal are together for the grand finale of the upcoming Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017. This is something which is going to make every one curious about the collection. The designers will be presenting their interpretation of the ‘Fresh New Look’ campaign by Amazon Fashion at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Tarun Tahillani And Amit Aggarwal Are Together _ StylegodsThe four-day event will be held from March 15-18 in Delhi. Amit believes that it is a beautiful collaboration with the people we have already been working with for so long. But this shall act as a new space for creative engagement that exceeds possibilities in fashion and its business,” Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn is one of the best fashion week held in India. A fashion week in which all the best designers come up with the best designs and show stoppers.

Tarun Tahillani And Amit Aggarwal Are Together _ StylegodsTarun is famous for his indo – western touch that makes a garment look elegant and sexy. Amit Aggarwal collection is about modern and eclectic dresses, yet hold a timeless appeal. Amit Aggarwal who started his career working with Tarun has now again come up together to create something which will take Indian fashion industry to a new level.

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