“Swoop” On Your Eyeliner with Jennifer Hudson x VOGUE

American singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson loves her eyeliner. Or the “swoops” as she likes to call it. She will always ask makeup artists to give her wings when she’s in their chair. “If you don’t give me a swoop, I’ll probably be creepin’ the bathroom and give it to myself,” she laughs.

Hudson prefers “a more natural feel of beauty for everyday”,so she applies only a bit of foundation and concealer. She also loves killing two birds with one stone by using a humidifier. “It moisturizes the skin…and the vocal chords,” she sings in perfect tune.

Jennifer Hudson

Next up, Hudson sets her face with a little powder. “We don’t wanna look like a powdered doughnut.”

Hudson shapes and fills her brows using a wet brush and brow powder. And then sets her work using a brow gel.

Next up, she uses the Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liner for her “swoops”. “I’m gonna fly-yyy away with my swoops.” She’s singing – in perfect falsetto, of course. Her eyeliner seems problematic at first, but when she cleans it up with a Q tip, it all comes together. Hudson also uses the Napoleon Perdis Matte Eye Ink to further finesse her swoops.

Additionally, Jennifer uses the NARS Climax mascara for lashes, and adds a little contour and blush to her face.

Final step includes the use of a lip liner and her signature red lip. “Now I feel right, and complete.”

“This is me, every day. And I want you to be you.” If only we were half as fabulous as you are, Jen.

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