Fashion Industry Need Serious Reboot And March Towards Sustainable Fashion

Fashion which is not meant to be fast rather it is all about choosing the right style making every individual ethically conscious about our environment and resources. But the world making choices without respecting the after effects and effects it causes during its manufacturing is serious trouble. Everyone follows the trend blindly and go for brands where one shirt cost for an entire meal is something that’s putting nature and resources under the radar. Hence most of us today agree that our modern society has to develop in more sustainable ways. Sustainable Fashion is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend to reduce overall environmental impacts, improve social conditions and make every one utilize all the natural resources properly.

Sustainable Fashion _ Style GodsAs per the report by, a 10 per cent rise in production of organic cotton happened last year, 2014/15 saw a slight downturn of 3.8 per cent. However, the production looks set to increase again in 2017/18 when a number of in-conversion programs in India reach certification. In total there are currently 19 countries growing organic cotton, though the top five growing countries (India, China, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and USA) account for more than 92% of production. India alone accounts for 67%.

Sustainable Fashion _ Style Gods

Sustainable Fashion Is Will Be Future Of Fashion

Let’s get onto business now and spend more on quality than quantity and reduce the carbon footprints towards child labour and human trafficking. When each one of us wants better surroundings why not spend little more on environment-friendly materials like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton. But opting eco-friendly fashion does not mean that you have to compromise with the style. Taking this ahead most of our designers and inventors are now taking big steps towards creating a bond with nature through their designs and products.Sustainable Fashion _ Style Gods Here are few figures from a report on those will make you rethink on our textile choice:

150,000,000,000: The number of new clothing items produced each year.
2,500,000,000: Pounds of used clothing that end up in landfills each year.
2,100,000: Tons of CO2 emissions produced by the apparel and textile industry each year (second only to the petroleum industry).
Between 70,000,000 and 100,000,000: The number of trees cut down each year to make cellulose fabrics such as rayon and modal.
700: Gallons of water it takes to make one T-shirt.
$91.45: A garment worker’s monthly wage in Bangladesh.
10 per cent: The percentage of the world’s total carbon footprint that comes from the apparel industry. (To put it in perspective, the aviation industry accounts for 2 per cent.)
61 pper cent The percentage of clothing companies that don’t know where their garments were made.
76 per cent: The percentage of companies that don’t know where their fabrics were woven, knit, or dyed.
93 per cent: The percentage of companies that don’t know the origins of their raw fibre.

With some of the modern ideas which are now ruling the markets, our Indian market has now put their foot forward and are enjoying this organic change in the air. Almost 35% of people have started using these organic products but still, there is a long undiscovered journey to be covered.

Though the process is long its worth the distance and expense.Sustainable Fashion _ Style Gods Organic cotton is not hippie fashion. Many celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Alicia Silverstone, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, Jamie Foxx, Kelly Slater and Emily Deschanel wear organic cotton. Whether one prefers to renew the wardrobe often or more sporadically, “Green & Clean” and “Fair & Ethical” are important choices when purchasing new clothing. Buying new clothes that are manufactured in an environmentally and ethically conscious manner is something we all should aspire as much as possible.Sustainable Fashion _ Style GodsFrom clothing to footwear and from accessories to beauty products now we have each variety available with best natural ingredients. Beauty brands like Ruby Organics, Juicy Beauty and 100% Pure are giving the best products with no skin harm. Some of the most adored clothing brands like Beaumont Organic, Armedangels and Here Today Here Tomorrow which you need to check when you shop next. The Versatile Vegan, The Refined Vegans, Veja are different sustainable shoe brands with distinctively different approaches to sustainability. There are many other brands which have wholeheartedly welcomed the Eco-friendly fashion and many more brands are still working hard to bring this future fashion out.

Sustainable Fashion _ Style Gods

With the changing time, big clothing and beauty brands have taken their initiative towards Sustainable Fashion. “Fashion holds a mirror up to society, showing what’s going on in economic, cultural, social and environmental terms.” The day is going to be the great day in the history of our nation when we would proudly say “ORGANIC INDIA”.

Be Organic.

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