Jeez. It’s like brands don’t even rest anymore! Just last week, beauty guru Charlotte Tilbury launched her Pillow Talk collection. And this week, enter her Supermodel lipsticks – A collection inspired by the supermodels of the 90’s.

Speaking of the Supermodel series, Charlotte says, “I have so many amazing memories of being towered over by these Goddess supermodels, looking fabulous and incredible.”

The collection includes different versions of the nude lipstick – a trend that rose to fame with the leading ladies. “Claudia, Cindy, Naomi and Kate were trail-blazers for this trend,” she added.

supermodel charlotte tilbury


Supermodels have always known how to maximise their beauty with neutral colours – now, Charlotte Tilbury has bottled iconic Supermodel DNA to give everyone, everywhere, the ultimate NUDE lips.

  • Lipstick Tree & Orchid Extracts soften, nourish and hydrate lips.
  • 3D glowing pigments create the illusion of lit-from-within lips that appear fuller and wider.
  • A perfect blend of oils and waxes allow the long-lasting colour to glide over lips.
  • The square-angled tip is perfect for a flawless application and therefore, a precise finish.

First up, SUPER NINETIES – Deep tawny-brown nude lipstick with a modern matte finish.

Second is SUPER MODEL – Nude-rose lipstick with a similar modern matte finish.

Finally, SUPER SEXY – Nude-rouge lipstick, likewise, with a modern matte finish.

On the description of the lipsticks, Charlotte says, “I think of them as the three Little Black Dresses of lipstick – they are chic, wearable and timeless.”

However, don’t think these won’t work for you. Not only are they universally flattering, most importantly, the idea was to make it for everyone.

“Like all classics, these nudes look great on everyone,” she added. Above all, the beauty guru says, “No matter how you feel, you know when you put it on, it instantly makes you look gorgeous.”

In short, are you ready to give off supermodel vibes?

The beauty guru’s makeup items are pretty popular among us commoners. Moreover, the client list includes celebrities and a bunch of A-listers. (including HRH the Duchess of Sussex!)

To sum up, the limited edition Supermodel lipsticks retail for £24.00. You can shop them on the Charlotte Tilbury website.

Additionally, you can get the lipsticks with similar lip liners, priced at £38.00.

Similarly, the other Matte Revolution lipsticks are also available on the website. Happy shopping!

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