There’s hardly any brand out there who does luxe eye shadows as good as Natasha Denona (except for maybe Pat McGrath) If you’re an active member of the beauty community, you’ve heard of the Sunset palette by Denona. And also a mini that came out after in the budget friendly family.

Well, this summer, it’s all about the sun for beauty brands. And Natasha Denona is unveiling her latest creation – the Sunrise palette.


As opposed to other palettes, this one is definitely a little smaller. It comes in a gorgeous red packaging and the colours are to die for!

The Sunrise Palette is a sister to the Iconic Sunset Palette with 15 brand new shades inspired by the warm glow of a morning sunrise.

Shades of warm sunny yellows, crimson corals, earthy browns and powerful pinks, all made to melt together in perfect harmony. Exclusive never before seen duo chromes, velvety mattes, and sparkling metallic textures to elevate your senses and empower you to create your very own radiant works of art.

Natasha Denona Sunrise
Source: Brand
  • POPPY (229M) Metallic
  • CITRINE (230CM) Yellow (Creamy Matte)
  • PHLOX (231M) Metallic
  • AWAKENING (232DC Duochrome
  • LAUREL (233M) Metallic
  • ASTER (234DC) Duochrome
  • GLORY (235CM) Matte
  • AZALEA (236DC) Duochrome
  • MORGAN (237CM) Creamy Matte
  • AGATE (238M) Metallic
  • CLOVE (239CM) Creamy Matte
  • CARNELIAN (240CM) Creamy Matte
  • JASPER (241CM) Creamy Matte
  • MORNING (242CM) Creamy Matte
  • DAY SPRING (243M) Metallic
Natasha Denona Sunrise
Source: Brand

The Sunrise palette is a permanent member of the Natasha Denona eye shadow line, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! It retails for $65, and is currently available for pre-sale on the brand’s website.