Do you love to be called ‘Sarso ka Phool’? However, keeping the mustard field away and running across the mango bageechas (of course with aam laden) in the summer afternoon has its fun. Taming with the same frolic and rising temperatures, your summer yellow dress is peeping out from your wardrobe to get some fresh air. So, pull out your favorite mango floral print dress and adorn summer yellow nails this summer of 2021.

Yes, you may seem to be a bit demoralized and low with the more than year-long work from home. No going out, no physical contact with family and friends holds enough reasons to make one’s mind frustrated and even furious. So, to chug off the monotony of the ongoing life, you need to pick some life over the dark.


“Happiness is enjoying the little things in life.”

So, it is completely ok to take some time out of your daily routine to be generous towards yourself and love life. It is vital to know to get started, you need to ooze out some brightness with sweetness just like you have mangoes. To experience the same sheer of the fruit, you can get along by choosing Pantone illuminating yellow color that has been slated for the year.


Pantone Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray

Before you bring out your summer yellow dress or order one at home, it is important how one got to know about illuminating yellow and ultimate gray? World’s design authorities have shared color choices for this year. Being the governing authority, Pantone has named two of the vital colors that will rule the year amidst the crisis of Covid. Pantone Illuminating and Ultimate Gray have come in support of each other’s help and save the world.

By the official note from Pantone, “a marriage of color conveys a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”.

Additionally, you must acknowledge the solid combination of yellow with gray that has been appreciated for a long time now. So, if you are planning to ace up your look or even a photoshoot in a summer yellow dress. It is a kind reminder that you can also include a gray scarf which adds more contrast and richness to your combination.

Takeaway note: If you like glaze and shine over solid colors, then you can switch to silver while opting for gray and golden for yellow. To amplify the coziness in the color marriage, one can also add brown and a shade of cream.


Is Yellow the New Black?

Yeah, Girlzzz! Yellow is life, Yellow is light. Without any illumination in life, one can feel low and dull. But, one should find ways to be courageous and optimistic towards life. To this, adding a bit of this and a bit of that will suitably make you calm and joyful towards life. Introduce Pantone illuminating yellow to your working culture. Even if you are all clad in work from a home culture for more than a year now. It is important to welcome yellow in every attire you dress up for your job. Be it a nice yellow t-shirt which you bought from ‘United Colors of Benetton’ or ‘Max’ or ‘Big Bazaar’ or a floral cotton Capri which you bought through online portals. The choice is yours. But, remember positivity should be encouraged in every form. Starting from tablecloth to glass-set or even your phone cover. There is no doubt to claim that Yellow is the New Black.


Pick Some Yellow for Your Summer Dress

Dig out some yellow from turmeric pods off your backyard, pluck some yellow from flowers, get some yellow from the bright sun or from juicy mangoes… Well, yellow is the energy, and celebrities from Bollywood have put up the show very well. The culture of illuminating yellow and ultimate gray has started now. But, before that, Basanti is considered one of the holy colors in India. Being the fresh color straight from mango pulp (hypothetically), this color odes to welcome spring fashion in the country.

So, even if you sometimes avoid wearing the bright shade of yellow because of its eye-catching capability, you need to consider the positive aura that it creates as you fit into your summer yellow dress…

So, let’s check out how the Bollywood divas are handling the sunshine color with elegance before we catch up on summer yellow nails like Kareena!

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Jhanvi Kapoor

Yes, this is the perfect summer yellow dress that I was discussing from the very first. Dhadak girl, Jhanvi Kapoor has been seen beautifully wearing a bright yellow button-dress with spaghetti straps. Not just being a versatile budding actress, Jhanvi has an acute sense of fashion also. Be it a simple midi dress or any ethnic dress for any occasion, Jhanvi knows how to carry it. Great going girl!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

The action is no less than a sweet little girl who jumps up in joy after getting her favorite candy. Priyanka who happily jumps in a bright yellow dress amps the temperature. Wearing a ‘maxi-dress, Mrs. Nick Jonas welcomes the London summers in Emilion Pucci dress, it makes the dress even more gorgeous and sexy. Hey, Desi Girl! The Sky is your limit.

Madhuri Dixit Nene

Summers can be glittery and good and if fashion by ‘Dhak-Dhak girl’ adorns it, the magic happens. Madhuri Dixit looks gorgeous in a stunning bright yellow lehenga as she makes a chic style for amping the heat. Designed by Seema Gujral, the actress fashions a beautiful ensemble that features intricate embroidery.

Ananya Pandey

When summers are bright, you should be well-prepared just like Ananya to give a tough fight to the sun. Known for her fresh-face look, Ananya looks stunning in bright summer yellow dress that features an off-shoulder silhouette. The body-fitting dress gets styled with ruffles around the sleeves & intricate lace detail.


How to Wear Summer Yellow Nails just like Kareena?

I guess you must have not forgotten that peppy-looking yellow nail paint that Kareena enameled during the first public appearance of Taimur? Yes, yes, I can see that you have imagined it right… So, as summers have started to pang outside, you are advised to stay indoors and enjoy the mango season with summer yellow nails. Just go simple, and paint the summer yellow!


Yellow Nail Paint
Being associated with warmth and sunshine, summer yellow nails are just impossible to ignore. Being punchy shade from the rest, yellow nail polish tends to be spontaneous, optimistic, and courageous-like, with a unique sense of styling.

Along with the summer yellow dress, it’s time to chug out the boredom from your routine with summer yellow nails. Yes, just like Pataudi Bahu Kareena, you can first get square-shaped nails just like the diva. This will be followed by a slight filing (if you wish), and then apply your favorite yellow shade to beat the heat outside and make your temperament cool inside. Be it black, peach, red, teal blue, metallic gold, grey, lavender or more, options are open to you wide and big. Just Get-Set-Go ladies!


Enjoy Summers with Cool Mind

Yes, this is the need of the hour. Even if the scorching heat is rising the temperature up. You need to maintain the cool while you are working. To get started, you need to make this happen with a lite mood, you first need to have a summer yellow dress (just like you possess a little black dress in your closet), or a mango floral print dress. For your beautiful hands, you specifically need to have summer yellow nails. So, turn on the fashion at home while you connect zoom calls & stay busy all day.

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