Summer sweat is the least comfortable feeling, avoid the summer rash and sweat by following these tips

Summer sweat is, without elaboration, dreadful. We’re talking chafed thighs, constant swamp thing around your buttocks, increased breakouts, and more. You’re supposed to look forward to summer, not dread it. But, given the human body’s tendency for percolation, summer means swimming in your own sweat for months on end. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid the agony, allowing you to actually enjoy the sunny weather. To have a significantly less sweaty summer, just soak up these five tips, and put them into practice.



summer sweat
Chafing isn’t just uncomfortable to experience, it’s uncomfortable to watch (ever see someone unable to walk in a straight line because he’s trying to prevent his thighs from touching each other?). In the summer, all that sweat and rubbing starts to wear on the skin, and can end up blooming into a painful red rash. Instead of treating the chafe after the fact, you can prevent it with a friction-minimizing cream. It uses talc and tapioca starch to create a dry, protective barrier atop the skin. The cream nourishes skin while preventing any pain and redness. Just apply it before putting on your clothes. It’s also effective on your feet if you’re prone to blisters.

Swamp Thing

summer sweat

It’s not summer until the khakis get steamy—from the inside. You can avoid a swamp butt (and any trickle-down effects, like bunched-up boxers) by wearing form-fitting, moisture-wicking underwear. “Moisture-wicking” means it pulls sweat from the skin and allows moisture to evaporate through the fabric. Secondly, sprinkle on some body powder.



summer sweat

A swampy environment provides optimal conditions for the fungus tinea, which can grow in the crevices around the butt, genitals, and thighs. (Sorry.) Tinea is the formal name for jock itch, and is far more common in warm months, or in people who exercise frequently (and don’t shower immediately following). There’s your solution, though: Shower daily, and after any especially gruelling activity. Heed the advice in the previous section (avoiding diaper butt) to minimize moisture, and pack some body wipes in your work or gym bag to cleanse and deodorize the skin at any point throughout the day.


summer sweat

It’s difficult to keep a clear complexion any time of year. In the winter, the dry air dehydrates the skin. But in the summer, all that extra sweat threatens to clog pores. Any sweat from your scalp brings hair product down across your face, which only further aggravates things. Your best prevention plan is a lightweight, SPF-packed moisturizer that doesn’t suffocate the pores, and a few face wipes to cleanse and hydrate the skin after it gets too oily and sweaty.

As for hair product, avoid dense hair stlye in the summer, like putties and waxes. Try a lightweight cream for medium and longer styles, or a texturizing spray for tousled, wind-swept looks. Neither will weigh down the hair nor melt down your face in the heat; they preserve your style without increasing the odds of a breakout.
The Stench of Sweat


summer sweat


Sweat makes you smell bad—especially summer sweat. So, if you’re turning heads for the wrong reason, it might be time to revive a sweat-stopping antiperspirant. Try Old Spice’s Original Classic Antiperspirant & Deodorant, which doesn’t overwhelm with any scent, allowing you to still sport your favourite summer fragrance. You can get ahead of odour by picking a body wash with odor-minimizing powers, as well. Old Spice’s 3x Clean Pure Sport Body Wash digs deep to fight all the microscopic, odour-causing bacteria that might otherwise repel your pals.

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